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3/3/2014 11:08:32 PM

Sin thread

What: -Do you lust after? -How are you slothful? -How are you greedy? -Makes you gluttonous? -Fills you with envy? -Ignites your wrath? -Gives you pride?

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  • 1-Do you lust after? A truly good, long-lasting relationship with an attractive female with a good personality. She doesn't have to be a "10/10" or something stupid like that (I'm not ugly myself, but not great-looking either), just someone that would always be there for me and who would maybe help with my depression. 2-How are you slothful? Whenever, I get stuck on something, i.e. writer's block, big essays, major life choices, etc., I tend to sort of waste time and put off making that decision. Although, when I do dedicate myself to something, I will never half-ass it. 3-How are you greedy? I have always been extremely frugal and hesitant to spend money on anything, even myself. However, if the time comes, I will give a lot of myself and my money to help out a friend. 4-Makes you gluttonous? I am 6' tall and weigh 140 pounds. I run 4-8 miles a day. I eat a shit-ton. All the time. 5-Fills you with envy? More than anything else? See number 1, but included with something bigger. I want to live the epic life of the hero who achieves superhuman accomplishments and saves millions of people. The Chief's life is the kind of thing I mean. Self-sacrifice and heroic battles of incredible proportions. I don't know that his life would be the best, since I already know how most of it goes, but something like it. 6-Ignites your wrath? Idiocy. Cruelty. Causing unnecessary pain and suffering. Hypocrisy. Blind hatred and patriotism for any cause, especially when it involves refusing to even consider the other side of the coin. Wastefulness. Bad parenting. Bad governing. Intolerance. I'm not perfect, far from it, but I like to think I was raised by good parents who set high moral and behavioral standards for me. I have a strong sense of right and wrong, but when my beliefs are proven wrong, I can (reluctantly) give them up. Things that are "Just plain wrong", though, do tend to make my kind of hot temper snap sometimes. And I [i]do[/i] have a hot temper. 7-Gives you pride? My artwork. My musical abilities. My intelligence, in academics and in philosophy. My family. The fact that I'm in shape when so many people aren't. My home. My creative writing abilities, when I apply them fully. I dislike the implied religious aspect of this thread, but I do admit you gave me something to think about. +1

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