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One bank account for all your Characters.

Okay I know many of you played GTA V Online and like me you have two characters from all the #gaming topics that popped up during RockStar's time in the sun. One character is your main who most likely by now has all the best gear, apartment, and cars locked in with a lot of extra cash handy. Your secondary character is most likely benefitting from the sole account they share with your main as well. So for example I have a level 70 and a 21 in GTA V. I really don't play anymore, but from time to time I stop in to download the free cars and guns when they show up. I'll stick around to run over some pedestrians, jump some cliffs, and race some races to level up my lower end character while there. I'm sitting on some remaining money from the stimulus while both characters steal and rob to grow it so minutely whenever I bother to play it. Now Bungie has an economy slated for Destiny. Economies are such tricky mechanics due to hackers and glitchers not wanting to slug through the grind. Then on the other hand when you hit a certain level of gear or weapons you're just racking up money left over with nothing to really spend it on. So it become useless. Now Bungie could add new items and that's going to make gamers happy but it probably wont be something weekly. So you run the risk later on in 2015 that your savings will be of no use. I firmly believe that a sole account between all your characters would benefit the economy mechanic for the player to avoid this outcome. Here's why. You're going to have a main who's going to level up and ransack your time and the enemies abroad. While this is happening your secondary, third, fourth, ect, ect will be collecting digital dust until you're ready to step into their boots. Now if each character has a seperate account you're wasting your time on grinding to build them up as well having to retrace your steps and gut through chapters and missions you've already played with your main. Open world or not, I got the feeling Fallen Boss 1 is still in his spider hole in Old Russia waiting for character 2. So having all these extra characters is waste of time other than the novelty of their classes and race and you redoing chapter 1 to get them a good gun and some glimmer to work with. Now when you get older you don't have a lot of time on your hands to valiantly redo this all over because some kid wants you to due some moral high ground they are standing on saying you must be like me and chop this tree down with a herring. Screw that I'll just stick with the main character. Well that defeats having classes and races and wanting players to experience them all. But if you have a singular account that secondary characters can benefit as well then you're benefitting your main in the process as well. That's saving me time and allowing me to experiment with other builds. You're leveled locked in GTA V so you can have all the money in the game, but you're still not going to have access to the Tank at level 21, but like in GTA you can save some time by visiting a merchant in say Destiny while setting yourself up with the better weapons on your level right from the get go. Off you go to level up and add more glimmer to your main account. Your time isn't so fragmented having these characters share the burden of building and spending glimmer. Depending on how many characters you can make your acquisition of glimmer will be constant and have a broader purpose long into the following year. It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out in September or even in the beta. They want data on more than just PvP.

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