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1/28/2014 11:08:06 PM

So I got a strange Thursday message last night

[quote]The four Days sat together at the table; their faces covered in the shadows cast by their hoods. They all worked for a common goal, but not one of them could say they knew the identities of the other three. Wednesday was oddly quiet and was facing away from the table; refusing to take part in the discussion the others were having. Instead, it simply gazed into the Forums around them, lightly stroking the emblem woven into its robes. Each Day had their own particular emblem. Wednesday's was a crude phallic-like object, Thursday's was a clover, Friday's was a heart and Monday's was what appeared to be a cross between a Carrot and a Penis. "This.. this can't work. Not when we can't see each other's faces," Thursday said gruffly. "I'll show you some work! Pass the carrots, if you will." Piped Monday. Thursday obliged but recoiled in horrror as it realized what was going to happen to them. Friday laughed and threw some glitter from its hand onto the table, which seemed to irritate Wednesday. The three turned to look at Wednesday as it began to stand. Without uttering a word, it lifted its robes from its feet and strided deep into the Forums. Past #thefourthday, past the graffiti Friday left on the walls and past the food scraps left by Monday. "Should we.. Should we follow?" Somebody said, careful not to attract the attention of the Septagonians. Another Day stood up at gazed at the crowd milling through the vast Septagon Hall. "No. We've gone too long without faces. Wednesday must reveal itself, or we will force it to. Without its help the League of Days will never succeed in their mission, but we need to know who lies beneath those shadows," said Thursday. "Maybe it's time we enlisted help," said Friday, while stenciling a heart onto the tabletop. "The Week has only just begun," said Monday, "if we kill our own Demons, we'll know how to kill the Septagon's Demons." The three remaining Days placed their hands on top of one another's. Friday's was covered in glitter, Monday's was covered in Mayonnaise and Thursday's was covered in cat hair. "First, we will remove Wednesday's hood and see the face of our saviour."[/quote] I'm not sure if this is actually against the rules posting this. Yes, I know people get banned for posting Monday/Wednesday messages, but this is hardly as graphic. Anyone get this? Know what it means?

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