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You can go to a fictional world. What would you do?

So let's say you get the chance to go to a fictional world. You can't bring anyone with you, and you can never return back to our world. The fictional world is of your choosing, [i]however[/i] it can't be one of your own design. It has to be something pre-existing, like Star Wars, or Halo, or whatever. When you go into the fictional world you can choose where you 'land'. You can also choose what you 'are', but within reason. You can't pick the Star Wars universe and choose to be a Jedi Master or something... you'd just be a normal Jedi. So basically whatever you choose you'd just be a normal version of it (with the ability to become better, obviously), not like super powerful or anything (and no, you can't be a god). Now, what universe would you pick? What would you be? What would you do once you got there? Posted my thoughts in the comments: [quote]I usually never answer my own questions in my threads so I figure I'll do it this time. I'd go to the Nasuverse (Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night, Tsukihime, etc). I'd choose to be a Magus, obviously. Fuyuki City would be my landing point, a month or so before the 5th Grail War begins. I never actually thought about the fact that I'd be homeless... since I'm OP I'm just going to add that you also have a house when you land. What would I do? Might sound stupid, but I'd hope that I end up getting command seals, and try and enter the Grail War. My goal would be to get Assassin, since it doesn't require a catalyst. Hopefully I could do it before Caster summons hers. After that, I'd wait until the actual war starts. Once Shirou's summons Saber, I would wait for the fight with Berserker to start. I would watch it from some rooftop, and then once Shirou gets hit and Ilya/Berserker leave, I'd jump down and help him. This would be assuming it followed the Fate/Heaven's Feel (would prefer it to not be the latter...) route, as if it was UBW I'm not sure what I would do. Saber/Rin wouldn't trust me but seeing as they wouldn't have a choice, I'd help carry Shirou back to his place and help Rin bandage him. Once that was done I'd leave, and if Rin asked me why I helped him, I'd just say it's because I don't want to see him hurt. Something cryptic. The next day I'd head to Shirou's place around the time when Rin would be bringing her stuff over. If she saw me on the way there I would just be friendly, despite the fact she would likely be prepared for me to attack, seeing as I'm an enemy Master. I'd talk with Shirou, tell him that I helped him last night (under the assumption that Saber/Rin left that detail out, because they probably would) and that I want to ally with them. Seeing as he is kinda dense he would be okay with it. As Saber and Rin wouldn't trust me, I'd use one of my command spells on Assassin, telling Assassin to kill me if I ever betray them. From then on I would try my best to live through the war, with at the same time using my knowledge of the events of the war to my advantage. I would try and avoid any preventable injuries/deaths (preventing Shinji from hurting the students at the school, for one). I wouldn't try and stop Shirou's stupid behavior, and let him and Saber fall in love. After the war is over, I'd do one of two things. First choice would be to go with Rin to Clocktower, assuming that Clocktower would accept me and that Rin would want me to come. The second choice would be to go with Shirou, and travel the world, as Shirou embarks on his quest to become a superhero. I'd be his sidekick, basically, and would do my best to prevent him from becoming Archer., yeah. I've really thought this out, I know. It's a fantasy of mine.[/quote]

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