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IDEA: Regarding "bumping" threads/thread structure

Current System


Proposed Idea


[quote]Firstly [url=]this is the current system[/url] as I understand it.[/quote] You'll notice that what we have right now is that every post "bumps" the thread in the thread index. 3rd level comments don't bump the "sub thread" within threads, but they do bump the main thread (I hope I didn't just confuse everyone). So if two people want to debate out a particular argument, they can without derailing an entire thread. With this system, I find it unfortunate while two people continue to have conversation on their own, it keeps retuning the entire thread to the top of the index page, when it may be clear that the thread has seen it's prime and/or has run it's course. Merely, the two users replying in 3rd level comments could achieve what they're doing by sending private messages to each other. [quote]What if the 3rd level comments...... [url=]didn't bump the thread?[/url] (Proposed idea)[/quote] How would this change things? Well, users could still respond to each other if they were debating an idea out. Users would still send each other notifications upon their responses. The only difference is that these conversations (in addition to not bumping a sub thread) would also NOT bump the main thread - notice that this is only for 3rd level comments. With this system, a conversation on 3rd level comments would still take place, but this would allow other threads to rise and fresh conversations to take place. Rather than two people that decide to continuously debate on for who knows how long. [quote]"Well... you could just "hide" the thread you know."[/quote] Absolutely you could. And I recommend hiding threads that you don't want to see anymore, it makes your experience better. What this proposition is doing simply keeps all conversations that involve more users, at the top of the page, rather than just satisfying a handful of members. It's a small change, most people may never even notice it. So the question is... what do you think? What is the goal of threads and conversations. I understand that with the popularity system, it does change thread structure from the previous bungie.old system. Even if I could get a webteam personal to elaborate on the current system and why it was chosen to be that way, that would be appreciated. Keep it classy 7th Column.

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