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The Destiny List. (Important Read)

These are things that I believe would improve Destiny if implemented correctly. Let me know what you all think of these different ideas. [b][u]Stealth[/u][/b] I believe that Destiny should implement stealth gameplay in a way that makes it dynamic, and not forced. A system much like the one in Far Cry 3 would be a great example of this. If I am a Hunter, and snipe a Fallen soldier from far away while he is with a squad, rather than his allies immediately looking at me and fire (Like Borderlands 2), they should be looking as to where the shot came from, that is, if they saw the body fall in the first place. To compliment this playstyle, I think that it is obvious that silencers should be implemented into the game. That, along with assassinations. I also believe that the Hunters should have access to an active camo sort of ability, however it should be much more effective against AI than active camo was in Halo Reach. [b][u]Urban Warfare[/u][/b] Going by the past trends of Bungie's Halo games, urban warfare will be something that this game would lack in. There should be heavily urban areas to fight in, such as New York City, Seattle, Miami, etc. Going in and out of torn up buildings and going though abandon alley ways; The job doesn't stop at simply allowing us to fight in the streets of these cities. We should have access to get inside of multiple buildings, that have multiple accessible floors. Not ALL buildings, but a good amount. This would be beneficial to the Titan AND Hunter class in that the Titan would excel in clearing the buildings out in CQC, while the Hunter could use the cleared out buildings to snipe. [b][u]1st Person Immersiveness[/u][/b] When I say this, think of Far Cry 3. When you jump down from a high place, you see him catch himself in 1st person. When you are going full speed in a car and hit something, you jerk forward and hit the wheel. I'm not saying that I want these exact examples, but it would be nice if when you drop from a high distance, we see out hand hit the ground and body go to a kneel to absorb the fall. Or if a grenade went off right next to us, and it didnt kill us, to get knocked down and see our arms flail and see our arms as they are being used to get back up. The little things like these submerge and help suck you into the game, and feel more connected to your character. Another great example to help this, would be to include first person driving, where we are our hands controlling our vehicle. This leads me to my next point. [b][u]Cars[/u][/b] Imagine you are traveling a long distance, and suppose you can't fast travel to your destination. You don't have a speeder bike(Drawing a blank on the name of the bike). I believe that it would be a great addition to include broken down cars that were abandoned, that we could possibly hot wire or fix up to drive. This idea is a bit of a stretch, so don't take it too seriously. [b][u]4 Weapon Max[/u][/b] I think it would be beneficial to the game, if Bungie only allowed you to carry up to 4 weapons at a time. This would require you to really think about each mission before you go on it, and make preparation necessary. This is a good thing because it makes each mission seem like an all new journey due to the preparation and thought put into it. If you can carry all the weapons you want, then you will be ready for any sort of enemy, and t will take suspense out of each mission. When you come upon a boss and think "oh well here let me just pull out my RPG and take him out. There. Done", it just isn't as suspenseful as coming up to a boss and thinking "Oh shit! I don't have any heavy weapons!" Which makes you become more resourceful. [b][u]Bosses[/u][/b] A major problem with bosses in video games, is that the game designers think all bosses must be huge, slow, vulnerable enemies with raw power. Please Bungie, don't be like this. I'm not saying to not implement large bosses, but also add in bosses that may be something like an extremely skilled enemy soldier, who is fast, has a strong gun, is a great shot, and is intelligent. He wouldn't have the highest of health, but it would be a good twist on classic boss battles. [b][u]Game Difficulty[/u][/b] Pretend that the order of enemies we encounter goes- Fallen Cabal Hive Vex I don't want the Vex to be ultimately stronger than the other 3. The difficulty of the game should come from the enemy races' tendencies and fight style that contrast ours. In other words, there should NOT be a race that everyone unanimously says is stronger than others. If I struggle fighting against charging enemies who get up close, then the Hive would be the most difficult to me. But if my friend struggles at long range but is great at CQC, then he should struggle the most against the Fallen. Get what I'm saying? [b][i][u]End[/u][/i][/b] Well that sums up my wish list, I honestly believe these things would be best for Destiny. What do you all think?

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