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PlayStation fanboys are so hypocritical

So let me start off by saying not all of you are bad but the vast majority that are posting on this forum are seriously SO hypocritical it's actually laughable. The ps3, ps4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One are not bad systems, all are great and have plus sides. The main differences are the games and that's all about opinion based on the types and exclusives that you enjoy. Some enjoy Halo and gears of war, others like Killzone and Uncharted. Yet the PS4 fanboys on this forum seem to think that their console is god-tier. Lets tear apart why that's false and why the most heard Ps4 fanboys are ridiculous. [u][b]1)Xbox One $100 more expensive[/b][/u] Ok, so this is one of the biggest points I hear that PS4 fanboys are using to say the system is bad. First off, the Xbox contains a $100 kinect that basically brings the system up to that prices, it's not just a case of it being more expensive for no reason. You can complain all you want about how pointless and dumb kinect is yet I used the original with friends and I had fun, the new kinect is upgraded and the fact that everyone will have it gives developers confidence to use it in interesting ways. The PS4 Eyetoy however isn't being supported as much and will basically turn into the Xbox 360's kinect, hated and pointless with everyone hating on the games for it. The hypocritical part though? The ps3 was $600 when it was launched while the Xbox 360 was $400 that's a $200 difference and yet you people bought it and didn't seem that phased. So why were you ok with it before when it was $200 different but with a $100 suddenly it's "OMG THAT'S SUCH A BIG DIFFERENCE, GOD!" It's because you're a fanboy, if the ps4 was $500 you would be fine buying it... So be quiet people, I'm on to you... [u][b]2)Specs difference[/b][/u] There's no doubt that the PS4 specs are better, but it;s such a minor difference between the two consoles that it literally will not make a difference it literally will make NO difference. Seriously, google it. [b][u]3)"Microsoft is just copying Sony"[/u][/b] Just because microsoft got rid of DRM, the no used games, and not being able to share games and all that does not mean it's copying Sony. They aren't copying anyone, neither the 360 nor the ps3 had any of those features and Xbox One was going to try something new, people didn't like it so they changed it, simple as. If we're really going to be stupid like this and say microsoft is copying sony? Microsoft announces kinect, soon after ps3 had move. Seems funny... RIIIIIIIIIGGGGHHHHTTT?????? [u][b]4)Microsoft is focusing on TV not games[/b][/u] Well they seem to have a great list of exclusives and third party games so that makes no sense, all they're doing is adding extra features to the list of what they can do. Sure not everyone will use them but some will and it's great for them. How can you complain about more features? I thought Playstation could do EVERYTHING seems it can't stream games via twitch, can't use half the tv apps xbox one can, and can't use the snap feature xbox can, it also doesn't even have a built in video editor for its share feature while xbox one does... [u][b]5)Controller[/b][/u] Opinion but most say xbox controllers win, so we can't even complain about that. So basically in all honesty these consoles are the same with some slight different features and games so buy the console based off of what games you like better and stop arguing over which is better over stupid little things that make a tiny difference. PS fanboys will get ps4, xbox fanboys will get xbox, why try change this? It's not going to happen, your complaining just makes your community look bad, so be quiet. GOOD POINTS BROUGHT UP: PS4 supports indie games better than microsoft which is true, I wish microsoft was doing as good in that area. PS2 had eyetoy which is kinda like the original kinect I guess.

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