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originally posted in:The Black Garden
7/15/2013 12:52:25 PM

The Hunters Call

I was sitting in my kitchen yesterday, my mind drifting. I tried to imagine the hardships and trials people would face in a Destiny setting, let alone the guardians. Below is a Hunters meditation I wrote for fun. Feedback welcomed! The Hunters Call What is silence? Most would define it as the absence of sound. Which in turn begs the question; what is sound? On the surface, sound is everything our ears can detect. The rhythm of footsteps, a mothers call, the wind in its passing. Tangible manifestations of audible expressions. Each cause with its own effect Most settle for this definition. Most have no need to do otherwise. A Musician will train his ear to the sound of his instrument, while a Beekeeper pays heed to the hum of his hive. Should a note play foul, the musician will pause to tune his play, while a Beekeeper, wisely, takes heed to any quickening within the hives collective hum Others look deeper, to those crossroads at which senses overlap. A Blacksmith is attuned to the resonance of his hammer strike, in equal measure to its sound. A Mechanic trusts the rhythm of his machine, as much as the sound it produces Few will follow the mind-strand to is source. Fewer still master true silence, or true sound For true silence is, the absence of self. It is every sense, both internal, and external, in a state of unprovoked dormancy. A state in which mind, body and soul are still. As still as the darkest corners of deep space. As still as death. Even though a man quiets his outer self, what man can claim a moment without thought? Even in sleep, the soul cannot be still. Dreams take hold and create imprints on our subconsciousness. Even at its smallest expression, the mind is still a flickering flame True sound is a harmony of senses, each, consciously expressed in a common purpose. Every sense given equal attention to its purpose. It is not enough to speak a thing. The spoken meaning must be expressed in equal measure, with visual articulation. Catching the scent of a man before uttering a word. Tasting the air for unspoken motives A blow struck, must be studied, and delivered with more than a fist. It must be struck, with every sense in equal measure. An expression of the mind, as much as the body If you would walk where only a Hunter treads, you must intimately understand true silence and true sound. If you would understand vision, practice blindness first. With vision restored, your eyes will perceive details, few care to notice. If you would learn how to listen, take away the ability to hear. Once restored, the drop of a pin will wake you from deepest sleep Strengthen one sense, and you strengthen them all. Neglect one, to the peril of all. Practice deliberate consciousness at all times and you will know true silence, as a master of true sound, instinctively knowing its opposite If you would deliver death to your enemies as only a Hunter can, you must bring life in equal measure to those you love and the Citadel you serve. Master this, and call yourself Hunter of the Citadel

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