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Discuss all things Destiny.
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This game. Dude, just...this game. Damn.

This game.


Sweet mother of mercy, this game.


Mercy sweet this game of mother.


This is totally a fanboy thread. A fanboy thread for DESTINY!!!!!!!!1!!!1!11!!!one1 There is no real reason for this thread's existence other than for me to share my excitement. For the first time in a game with a multitude of customization options, I actually find myself quite perplexed as to what choices I should make. Typically in games where you can choose between class and race, I always go the Human Warrior route. I've always been one for the bigger guns and the more in-your-face abilities, and being a Human in a video game filled with other races and creatures always made me feel closer to my character because of the limitations imposed on other races and the ability to identify with my own species better. Destiny has totally stripped me of my tradition and thrown everything back in my face with an extra dose of confetti and "-blam!- YEAH!" The fact that the three races players can choose from have absolutely no gameplay effect and are purely cosmetic is AWESOME. And, the theory that the Awoken and Exos are simply branch-offs of humanity means that picking my race will be much more difficult because it's much easier to identify with these two new races. And they look awesome. As I said, I would also typically go the warrior route, and in the beginning, this game was going to be no exception. I had planned from the get-go to be a Titan until the gameplay reveal showed off the potency of each class in combat and we learned that each class more or less shares the same abilities with minor tweaks and differences here and there, and that the main difference in each is more than likely the physical appearance. All three look sweet. I'm so conflicted. My soul is splitting into three pieces. I'm just happy it's not seven. THE GUNS! Seriously, not just the quirky and awesome names...but the looks, the sounds, THE ULTIMATE POWAAAHH!!! It all makes me drool. C'mon, a giant blue-black machine gun with lightning sparking out of the sides named [i]Thunderlord[/i] can you NOT love that? Then the enemies...I have not seen a single enemy yet that I think looks lame or looks like it won't be fun to fight. I have to give props to the Fallen for being my favorite of the batch so far, but at the same time, we've seen more of them than the other three races. Makes me wonder how I'm going to feel come time for the showdown with each one. I already REALLY like the Vex for what they are, and the Cabal and the Hive are just awesome looking in their own rights. Each enemy race looks great and original in both little and big ways. The landscapes too...just...fwahaewrtfhaetae;tknjma;eltkmhaet Beautiful. If any of you watched the Stage Demo yesterday during E3, you would have heard the man being interviewed saying that each explorable area in Destiny is roughly two-thirds the size of Halo Reach. WHAT?! Surely not, but if that's true, my mind is blown again. The thought of areas that huge filled with that much "ooh purdy" is making me PEE MYSELF...OUT OF NEW AND INCOMPREHENSIBLE PLACES THAT I KNEW NOT EXISTED. Then the gameplay itself. You've all seen it. It looked spectacular. Fluid, engaging, and fun fun fun. From Jason Jones being dropped off by his super sweet aircraft all of the way to the Public Event (oh mai gahd...) I was so awestruck and excited that all four of my jaws dropped and my nipples erected from excitement. You didn't really read that. Unless you did. And that's okay. Just COME ON!!! SOMEONE BASK IN THE EXCITEMENT THAT DESTINY SWEATS AND EXUDES FROM ITS DARK AND DESIRABLE(?...I think [i]so[/i]) DANGILY PIECES WITH ME! I'm so excited that I even created a new PSN in dedication of this game. It does involve the words Captain and Tigerman in the same title .___. To quote myself from another thread [quote]If Destiny were a girl, I'd take her on a date and immediately propose to her, marry her, have her kids (you read it right, you bastards) and grow old with her. And then I would cannibalize her and consume her soul. THAT'S HOW HARDCORE I AM INTO THIS GAME.[/quote] That is all.

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