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12/5/2011 7:22:34 AM

My God, It's Full of Stars - The Destiny Map - [EARTH LOCATION]

* [url=]Real World Overlay - Puerto Princesa[/url] * [url=]Google Earth Link[/url] [quote][URL=][b]Posted by:[/b] Motarius1 Well hello Shirley....[/url] With a bit of google foo and a lunch break it would appear the map you guys have been working on is a map of Puerto Princesa in the Philippines. See this [url=]map[/url] Looks pretty familiar right? Here's the full write up where I grabbed the image from.... [url][/url] [/quote] [quote][b][u]INTRODUCTION[/u][/b][/quote] It's been a long time since I've posted anything near this big. I'm a little tense and afraid of it due to its sheer immensity, but I'm gonna give it a good go. But first, a quick note about "Destiny". [url=]It's the name of their next game[/url]. Just to clear up any confusion some folk may have about the name of the thread. It hasn't been officially announced by Bungie as of yet, but multiple sources on the Internets would also tell you the same. I'm sure none of you are strangers to the Bnet's fancy background. In all of its dazzling mystique and curious appearance. Are those galaxies? Star-charts? Constellations? Feathers? Bacon? Well, there's a Destiny blog out there that I believe a lot of the Universe-forum regulars may be familiar with; [url=]Waiting For Destiny[/url]. They've been doing a fantastic job over the past few months. Making fantastic progress at compiling information, providing theories and posing queries. A lot of fantastic work. [quote][B][U]THE STAR CARTOGRAPHER[/U][/B][/QUOTE] What I'm specifically interested in is what the author, Daniel Duncan, has compiled on [url=]Page 3[/url]. [url=]A composite image[/url] of the entire set of images that have been found so far. In it you can see a lot of very curious things. Two things, in particular, being two very noticeable and out of place pure white circles. These both seemed rather too odd to be a natural part of the environment that we've been used to. I had initially considered that they might be bowls in the ground, but, and Daniel has drawn the same conclusion, that these tie in with Dead Orbit somehow. My first reasoning for this is that in previous images of these areas of the map, they aren't there at all. This makes me believe they are mobile of some sort. Additionally, looking at the - what we assume to be - [url=]Dead Orbit graphic shirt[/url], it seems there's a link between it and the [url=]"two random dots"[/url] found on this card. At least, I think there must be. They seem pretty important (well, they're not exactly pretty to look at, and certainly don't fit in with the rest of the image, so it's curious that they exist). You can also see one [url=]here[/url]. I really like the composite image he made, but I wasn't convinced with the [url=]mini-map color example[/url] he made. So I've decided to analyse the image and make my own, complete with a Key. [quote][b][u]THE MAP OF DESTINY[/u][/b][/quote] [quote][quote]* [u][url=][b]Step 1: Initial Underpainting[/b][/url][/u] - COMPLETE [i]Involved isolating the painting strokes from the black background and miscellaneous images in the [url=]original composite image[/url], and deciding what sort of ground is located where in the image. Also came to a conclusion about the various graphics found in the map and constructed a key to help you understand the map clearer.[/i] * [url=]Step 1.1[/url] - [i]Made some minor edits to the map (mostly the central mountain).[/i] [/quote][quote]* [u][url=][b]Step 2: Topography Redux[/b][/url][/u] - COMPLETE [i]Involved repainting the composite image to make the entire image cleaner.[/i][/quote][quote]* [u][b]Step 3: Refined Painting[/b][/u] - In Progress [i]Will essentially involve adding extra layers of light/dark values to the underpainting to provide a sense of lighting. I plan on concentrating on the centre of the image.[/i] [quote][url=]Step 3.1 [video][/url] - Tested my painting in 3D to see how it looked. Pretty good so far.[/quote][quote][url=]Step 3.2 [video][/url] - Updated the model with a much crisper mountain shape, and volcanoes![/quote][quote][url=]Step 3.3 [image][/url] - Did some work on water-depths.[/quote][/quote][quote]* [u][b]Step 4: Texturing & Highlights[/b][/u] - Pending [i]Will give the entire image a lot of rugged texture and bring a large degree more of realism to the image (with rocks for the mountains, trees and cityscapes).[/i][/quote][quote]* [u][b]Step 5: Polishing[/b][/u] - Pending [i]By this point, all that will essentially be left will be cleaning up the known areas of the map to make them look really good. Some brightness/contrast shifting, colour correction (if need be) and maybe some wallpapers.[/i][/quote][quote]* [u][b]Step 6: Expansion[/b][/u] - Pending [i]After I complete Step 5, it should really be a case of expanding out further, perhaps with any new map piece findings, or.[/i][/quote][quote]* [u][b]Step 7: Waiting For Destiny[/b][/u] - Pending [i]Waiting to find out whether my vision is correct, or not.[/i][/quote][/quote] [quote][b][u]BONUS - 3D MODEL[/u][/b][/quote][quote]* [url=]Clean 3D Model of Map[/url] * [url=]Overlay 3D Model of Map[/url][/quote] [quote][b][u]EXTENSIONS - FINDING MORE PIECES[/u][/b][/quote][quote][quote]* 0.1 [url=]Original Topography Composite Image[/url][/quote][quote]* 0.2 [url=]Resolved position of the upper and lower site nebulas.[/url][/quote][quote]* 0.3 [[url=]Clean ver.[/url]] [url=]ncsuDuncan picked us up on where that extraneous area should actually go. Resolved that. Also cleaned up the image fantastically and made it purdy.[/url][/quote][quote]* 0.4 [url=][Overlay][/url] | [url=][Clean][/url] | [url=][Highlighted][/url][/quote][quote]* 0.4.5 [url=][Overlay][/url] | [url=][Clean][/url] | [url=][Highlighted][/url][/quote][quote]* 0.5 [url=][Overlay][/url] | [url=][Clean][/url] | [url=][Highlighted][/url][/quote][/quote] So there we go. If you have anything to add about the map I've made, if I'm behind on information, or if you have your own version of what you think the map is, then definitely post it here! I've been mulling over this whole map in the back of my mind for months now, and I'm happy to say that I am very confident that I've cracked the topography. There are some elements I'm unsure of, but that's based mostly on the sheer lack of map-elements that are still missing that would help me make a much more coherent image. [quote][b][u]OTHER ARTICLES YOU MAY LIKE[/u][/b][/quote][quote][quote]Cortana 5's [url=]Bungie Formula: Durandal, Cortana, Joyeuse?[/url] thread. Cortana 5's [url=]Ver 2.0[/url] thread. Cortana 5's [url=]Seven Seraphs, Osiris, New Monarchy, Dead Orbit[/url] thread.[/quote][quote]SonicJohn's [url=]Bungie Servers - Connecting Multiple Platforms Online[/url] thread.* SonicJohn's [url=]Predicting Destiny[/url] thread. (*Ignore the Aerospace perspective.)[/quote][quote]x Foman123 x's [url=]Destinypedia - External Wiki for all things Destiny[/url][/quote][quote]risay_117's [url=]Destiny Information Shortlist[/url][/quote][quote]ncsuDuncan's [url=]Waiting For Destiny[/url] blog. ncsuDuncan's [url=]Scraps of Destiny[/url] blog.[/quote][/quote] [Edited on 09.17.2012 2:31 PM PDT]

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