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"Pathways into Darkness" Connection/Theory

[quote]TL;DR - Bungie created a game called [u]Pathways into Darkness[/u] and I believe the recent ViDoc "Pathways Out Of Darkness" tells of plot points that may correlate to the story line in their previous game.[/quote] I was doing a little browsing (Bungie related, of course) and stumbled onto an interesting piece of Bungie info that I did not previously know. In 1993, Bungie Software Products Corporation (Jason Jones and Alex Seropian) release a game called [url=]Pathways into Darkness[/url] . It was a FPS for the Macintosh computer, and was the first successful game they landed. It allowed them to start their studio in Chicago and actually receive payment to make video games for the future. On the Wiki site, it gives a brief plot overview: [quote]Pathways casts the player as a member of a US Army Special Forces team sent on a mission to the Yucatán Peninsula. Days before, a diplomat from the alien Jjaro appeared to the President of the United States and informed him that in days, an [u]ancient godlike being sleeping beneath a pyramid would awaken and destroy the Earth[/u]. The only way to prevent this catastrophe is to prevent the god from awakening. The eight-man Special Forces team carries a nuclear weapon, with the goal of entering the ancient pyramid, descending to the bottom level where the god sleeps, and activating the bomb to stun the god and bury it under tons of rock.[/quote] Now what is interesting to me is that there are slight connections to Bungie's recent ViDoc release titled [url=]"Pathways Out Of Darkness"[/url]. The narrator of the ViDoc says: [quote]The stories tell of a Golden Age long ago, when our civilization spanned the system. It was a bright and hopeful time, but it didn't last...[u]Something hit us, knocked us down and tried to stamp us out. No one knows exactly what, but we do know this: very few of us survived and those that did owe their life to the Traveler[/u].[/quote] So we have [url=]Pathways into Darkness[/url], where man descended into the Earth to kill/disrupt an ancient godlike Being and stop them from destroying mankind. Then we have [b]"Pathways Out Of Darkness"[/b], a story about mankind's rise from the ashes after "something" tried to obliterate us from the face of the Earth. I never played [i]Pathways[/i] but the endgame shows that we succeed in burying the godlike Being under the earth. What is hundreds of years later, this Being awakens again and finishes the job it intended, only to be interrupted by the Traveler, our Savior. I'm sure there are more connections to this, and if there are we will most likely learn them as we get more and more information about Destiny in the coming months. If you have played this game or have any more ideas concerning this theory, please like the thread or comment below. Thanks for sticking around to read!

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