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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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Bungie.NEXT for Dummies *OUTDATED*

[quote][b]Disclaimer: This thread is outdated. Make sure to check us out in [url=]The Welcoming Committee[/url] for all your Bnet needs![/b][/quote] [url=]Make sure to check out Duardo's extensive FAQ here![/url] Well, it's finally here! I'm sure you all are just as shocked as I am about the massive changes that have occurred to the site. Therefore, I say we jot down the basics for the site, so new users can settle in quickly and easily! Let's dive in. [b][u]Forums[/u][/b] [b]Forum Overhaul[/b] [quote]Traditional forums have now been remade into a tagging system. Be sure to add relevant tags to your threads for others to see it. You can also follow certain tags to be updated on those discussions.[/quote] [b]New Forum Subcategories[/b] [quote]With the new update, Bungie has now added a submenu to the Forums menu displaying the "main" forums. Users will now be able to pick one of these subforums for displaying their topic. However, these "official" forum tags cannot be manually added by a user. For example, that means you can't have a thread that is in both the Community and Off Topic forums.[/quote] [b]Following New Tags[/b] [quote]To follow a new tag, simply click on "Explore Tags" on the Forum page. Find out which tags interest you best and click on Follow. You will then be subscribed to that tag! You can manage your followed tags on your Profile page.[/quote] [b]Linking Tags[/b] [quote]You can actually click on tags in normal text format in forum replies, and the site will automatically give you a list of every thread with that tag.[/quote] [b]Starting Related Topics[/b] [quote]You'll notice a "Start Related Topic" button at the end of every post. This allows you to create a new thread based off of what a user says. This new topic will have a link back to the original post, so users can see what inspired the author to create that thread.[/quote] [b]Thread "Hotness"[/b] [quote]You will notice small Septagons in the Forum with different indicators. This shows the "hotness" of the topic. The different levels are clear, white, gray, and blue. If it is half blue and half clear, that represents a debated topic. The criteria for these Septagons are likes. Even if you have 200 replies to your thread, it won't have a high Septagon unless people like it. A debated topic represents a thread with a roughly equal amount of likes and dislikes. Finally, it will be gold if it is a Bungie authored topic. (duh)[/quote] [b]Thread Picture Previews![/b] [quote]You can now preview your threads with a picture at the top! Look at that glorious Septagon![/quote] [b]Replying to OP[/b] [quote]Replying to the original post (or OP for short) is the best way for your comment to get seen. It will display by default and not be collapsed like replying to users.[/quote] [b]Replying to Users[/b] [quote]You reply directly to a specific user's posts. This is done by simply clicking on "Reply" under the user's post you want to comment on. Depending on their settings, they will get notified that you have left feedback on their... feedback. However, your post will be collapsed by default, and other users will have to click the tab to open up those replies to a specific user.[/quote] [b]Thread Feedback[/b] [quote]Love or hate a thread? Now you are able to click the like/dislike button to show your gratitude/hatred! So yeah, go ahead and click that 'like' button. Thanks.[/quote] [b]Where's My Title?[/b] [quote]Bungie has made an official statement regarding the whereabouts of titles. [quote][b]So, where’s my Title?[/b] It’s all about you, isn’t it? Please remember that this is a test. The public beta for is a chance for us to work out the kinks and collect some feedback on how we can make things better. That means we’re not finished rolling out all the bells and whistles. In time, we'll be celebrating and decorating the long-standing members of our community. Your legacy will be honored. For now, you are anonymous crash test dummies; so rev those engines and aim for the wall.[/quote][/quote] [b]Spoiler Tags[/b] [quote][spoiler]Hooray![/spoiler][/quote] [b]-blam!- Profanity Filter Modified[/b] [quote]BNext's profanity filter has been modified for a new era. You may notice that some colorful vocabulary is no longer being obscured. Use this with caution, however! Not everything is socially acceptable in conversation. Also, note that more severe words are still censored.[/quote] [b]Hiding Threads[/b] [quote]You can now hide threads from your view that you do not like.[/quote] [b]Follow Users[/b] [quote]Don't you love that one guy's threads? Now you can subscribe to him and be alerted whenever he graces the forum with his presence.[/quote] [b]Muting Users[/b] [quote]Tired of John Cena and Brony posts? You can now hide those users to curb your anger. Rejoice my friends.[/quote] [b][u]Profiles[/u][/b] [b]Name changes[/b] [quote]Yup, that's right. No more excuses for having typos in your name! You have two settings. A display name and a unique ID. Note that you can only change the unique ID once a week. Your display name can be changed as many times as you want without waiting.[/quote] [b]Account Linking/Unlinking[/b] [quote]You can now link your account in four different ways. They are through WLID, PSN, Google, and Facebook. You are able to link as many as you want and unlink those you don't want. My WLID campus email thanks you.[/quote] [b]Notifications[/b] [quote]You now receive notifications from BNext depending on how your settings are set up. You can arrange to have these notifications sent through email, Bungie Mobile, and the website itself. They include things like forum replies, private messages, etc. Pick and choose![/quote] [b]New Privacy Settings[/b] [quote]You are able to hide your activities from other members if you want to remain incognito. Remember though, Bungie sees [i]everything[/i]. [/quote] [b]Display Settings[/b] [quote]You can now customize your very own BNext experience! Add confirmation messages for doing various tasks, change the site theme back to dark, and auto-enlarge hidden links and pictures (do so at your own risk)![/quote] [b]Muted Users[/b] [quote]If you mute a user on the forums, you can manage what to do with them on your settings.[/quote] [b][u]Groups[/u][/b] [b]Following Groups[/b] [quote]You can now participate in certain group discussions without actually joining the group itself! Some of these public group threads transition to the main forums to help promote activity and interest in the specific group. You are also given the ability to follow a certain group, so you can keep up to date with them. The Classifieds are finally reborn. [/quote] [b]Joining Groups[/b] [quote]By joining a group rather than following it, you are granted to that group's private forums. However, you can only be in ten groups at any specific time. As a legacy member on BNext, you will not be kicked out of any groups if you are currently in more than ten. However, to join any new groups in the future, you will have to trim down your group memberships.[/quote] [b][u]Activity[/u][/b] [b]Keep Up to Date[/b] [quote]You can track your subscriptions by going to the Activity tab. Here, you can see new threads and discussions relevant to your followed tags.[/quote] [b]Separate Activity for Groups, Tags, and Users[/b] [quote]You can view filters for Groups, Tags, and Users that you are following![/quote] [b][u]User Interface[/u][/b] [b]Bungie Menu[/b] [quote]Access News, Destiny info, Forums, Groups, About Us, Careers, and the Bungie Store through this menu.[/quote] [b]Friends List[/b] [quote]You can now see your friends list pertaining to your linked services for your account. Xbox Live, PSN, Google, and Facebook. It's all there![/quote] [b]Notifications[/b] [quote]Be alerted whenever something interesting happens on BNext! Remember you can change what notifies you through Settings.[/quote] [b]Messages[/b] [quote]The message system we know and love. I believe Halcylon pointed out that we now have [i]conversation style messaging[/i]. Go nuts.[/quote] [b]Profile Preview[/b] [quote]Here you can see your profile, check your activity, sign up for the User Survey to beta test games, change your settings, and sign out of BNext.[/quote] [b]Search Bar[/b] [quote]The new and improved search bar lets you search threads by keyword AND tags. [/quote] Well, that's all I can really think of at the moment. Remember this is new to me as well, so I'm still finding new things here and there. If you have any additions, please comment below, and I will be sure to add them to the OP! Remember that we are barely out of Beta. The Bungie webteam will still be rolling out new features over time. Patience young Padawans. [url=]Also, be sure to check out Bungie's official FAQ discussion about BNext.[/url] For a more in depth explanation depicting each of BNext's new features, make sure to check out Cryptic's thread [url=]here[/url]. Also be sure to visit the Bungiepedia article [url=]here[/url]!

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