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Bungie's new game (Destiny)

[b]UPDATED 2012/02/17:[/b]Official Destiny preorder website, link above. [url=]Destiny not out until 2014[/url] [b]TL;DR: From the Official Reveal:[/b] [url=]Destiny Website (Official)[/url] [url=]Destiny ViDoc[/url] [url=]IGN LIve Stream recording of Bungie reveal[/url] [b]The premise ([url=]snippet from Destructoid article, source link[/url])[/b] Destiny takes place in a distant future after a golden age for humanity where it has populated the solar system and beyond. Your story is after a horrible conflict where humanity was attacked by an unknown force and was near extinction. Some humans survived thanks to the Traveler, a big floating round entity that sacrificed itself and hangs above Earth where it made its last stand. People came together to rebuild a new city under the Traveler's protection, and soon humans once again ventured back into space to reclaim what was once theirs. Humans quickly discover a variety of alien creatures have taken up residence in their former territories, and the aliens are determined to be rid of humans. [url=]Music sample from ARG[/url] Pillar #1: A World Players Want to Be In Pillar #2: A Bunch of Fun Things to Do Pillar #3: Rewards Players Care About Pillar #4: A New Experience Every Night Pillar #5: Shared With Other People Pillar #6: Enjoyable By All Skill Levels Pillar #7: Enjoyable by the Impatient and Distracted [url=]Summary from NeoGAF member "MrGreencastle"[/url] 1. Online-only 2. No subscription 3. No "main menu" 4. Matchmaking and game match ups done on the fly in-game, rather than through lobbies 5. Hub "public" zones that are all 3rd person. This is where you meet up with players, exchange loot, etc, etc. The one described in the news is on Earth, the Last City and mainly in a place called The Tower, but there are others on the other planets, too, apparently. One for Mars was suggested. 6. Raids/Dungeons 7. Game will seamlessly add players in and out of your co-op or solo adventure, think like Journey-style. 8. Takes place in a variety of locations: Earth, Venus, Mars, The Moon, rings of Saturn, Mercury, moons of Jupiter... more could be added 9. Each planet/location is treated as a "book" as far as story and structure is concerned. You can play and unlock new chapters within each planet's book. 10. You can get your own ship, and can customize it. Higher level = better ships. 11. Similarly, you can customize your character, appearance, skills probably, and weapons. Vehicles too. 12. Only human are said to be playable so far. 13. Three announced classes: Hunter (like a Rogue class I'd say), Titan (like Spartan I guess), and Warlock (magic user). Yes, there is magic. Space magic 14. No word on space combat or space travel, but if you get your own ship, I don't see why not. 15. Game will have no loading screens, no progress bars. Implying seamless travel from location to location. 16. Ties in with mobile apps and social networks, ie: set up parties and missions, get alerted of new chapters available, new locations, events, etc. Customize character... 17. Races are: Human, Vex (time travelling robots), Spiders Pirates, Cabal (rhino people), and some others 18. Faction Wars features, competitive hoppers, not very elaborated upon. 19. "Squads/Crews" look to be up to 6 people, but you can imagine that you could have pairings of multiple squads, or enemies. [b]Initial Reviews ([url=]from Tashi Reveal Thread @ NeoGAF[/url]):[/b] [URL=]Gametrailers First Take by Geoff Keighly(Video)[/URL] [URL=]Destructoid Preview (Article)[/URL] [URL=]Giant Bomb - A Grown Man in his Underwear Tells You About Destiny by Jeff Gerstmann (Video)[/URL] [URL=]IGN Preview (Article)[/URL] [URL=]Joystiq Preview (Article)[/URL] [URL=]EuroGamer Preview (Article)[/URL] [URL=]Kotaku Preview (Article)[/URL] [URL=]Polygon Preview (Article)[/URL] [URL=]Adam Sessler Preview (Video)[/URL] [URL=]Examiner Preview (Article)[/URL] [b][url=]User Interface Screenshot (details):[/url][/b] 1. THE CITY (Home, Third Person Hub World) 2. CHAPTER 3 (Story Mode, Ongoing Auto Save) 3. BOUNTY (Collect Your Weekly Bonus) 4. STRIKE (Random Hopper) 5. RAID (Depth of Darkness) 6. FACTION WARS (Random Hopper) [b]EXTRAS ON SCREENSHOT[/b] 1. "Y" to Add Friends (button) 2. "My Squad" (like Halo roster) [b]EVERYTHING BELOW: My old speculation about Destiny from early 2012...[/b] [b][i]The Super Quick Version:[/i] Destiny will be a new hybrid genre with a single persistent universe that is cross platform, possibly cross generation and multi device enabled which mixes MMO, RPG, FPS & RTS elements.[/b] The quote from Bungie "Eventually it will become more the gamers than the developers and will take a life itself..." (can't remember the exact quote). I believe this snippet of information points towards a single persistent universe that all gamers participate within. [b][i]- TL;DR - The short version - Multi-platform (xbox & PS3, maybe PC), mutli-device (iPad, mobile phones), open world, combination First Person Shooter (FPS) & Role Playing Game (RPG) with possible Real Time Strategy (RTS) elements as well. There will also be a micro-transaction or subscription based economy for players to upgrade, sell or trade goods and of course website integration to keep you coming back. This will take place in a single universe where all player actions, games and data are in real time to all other players. I also speculate this game engine will either be for the next generation or already support the current consoles and run on the next generation in the same game release. After all what is bigger than Halo? Single universe, on planet (FPS/RPG), off planet (RTS/MMO), user generated content and cross platform interaction (subscription/micro transaction)...that's what. [/i][/b] Bungie already have open access to multi-platforms, they like to take on ridiculous challenges and they really try to be innovative with their execution of new game mechanics e.g. Halo 2 multiplayer, XBL chat, Halo CE FPS console etc. Imagine Bungie's next game with a universe where all players are in the same game data, much like Dust/Eve games. Forget having a separate campaign and multiplayer! A single universe allows for both to become combined and a dynamic story evolving from gamers playing online. The story is set and fleshed out from Bungie obviously giving art-style, game mechanics etc to the base game engine. Now add more than just random multiplayer or campaign games without story/canon meaning or feedback to the universe itself. The result is dynamic universe and game outcomes direct from players who choose to create or participate in the single universe. This is sort of an extension of Forge being rolled into the single universe of campaign/multiplayer. The longer the game plays out online the more the community shapes the overall universe. Now think of the website statistics or would be able to view things at a global universe level. This could even open things up for different games, such as Halo Wars also participating back to the single universe of other games like Halo Reach. It's this sort of multiplatform, multi-game environment combined with player creating tools I think Bungie/Activision are aiming for. I also believe we'll see different game traits for platforms e.g. Mobiles devices for minified RTS/MMO plus trading systems or statistics or customisations etc. Desktops/laptops for RTS/FPS/MMO and consoles/PC's for the full blown experience. [url=]And this: When did Destiny development start? Some interesting research...[/url] [url=]Introducing Warsoup: Claims to be Halo meets Starcraft. It's interesting to see the genre lines blur...[/url] Concept art speculation: 1. Player customisation, wide variety of helmets & armour 2. Teams/Factions (red vs. blue in one pic and also a red cape guy with emblem or leader insignia) 3. FPS weapons, long range, handgun, assault style 4. Vehicles such as mammoth style, tank style, spaceship style 5. Shields on the space ship so technology is paramount suggesting Sci-Fi obviously 6. Play spaces scale and LOD mechanics 7. Player abilities e.g. blue bubble shield thing 8. Ships have emblems as well, most likely faction/team based. 9. Tank image has a Destiny logo on the shoulder...alien enemies??? 10. Possible squad or orders based game mechanics, the solider finger pointing suggests these actions. 11. Male and female characters. [Edited on 11.27.2012 5:29 PM PST][i][/i]

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