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Xur Location 6/14/24

[b]Planet[/b]: Earth, Tower Sector: Bazaar In the corridor next to the ramen shop Note: D2 info will be updated after 10am PDT [b]Follow custom tags below since these posts get buried every week[/b] [i]Xenology[/i] Complete activities in strikes, crucible, and gambit [u]Cost[/u]no exotic cipher in inventory [b]Multivarious Strange Offers[/b] [i]Arbalest Catalyst[/i] [u]Cost[/u]: 71 strange coins [i]Bad Juju Catalyst[/i] [u]Cost[/u]: 71 strange coins [i]Lucky Raspberry[/i] Hunter chest Stat total: 66 Description: improves arcbolt grenades [u]Cost[/u]: 41 strange coins [i]Heart of Inmost Light[/i] Titan chest Stat total: 69 Description: use one ability to briefly improve your other abilities [u]Cost[/u]: 41 strange coins [i]Nezarecs Sin[/i] Warlock helmet Stat total: 68 Description: void kills increase ability regen [u]Cost[/u]: 41 strange coins [i]Gambit Engram[/i] An engram with complex markers. Contains a random legendary gambit weapon or armor piece. Can be focused at the Drifter [u]Cost[/u]: 23 strange coins [b]More Strange Offers[/b] [i]Favor of the Nine[/i] [u]Cost[/u]: unlocks after 47 strange coins spent [i]Strange Gift[/i] Contains a random item [u]Cost[/u]: 1 strange coin [b]Strange Gear Offers[/b] [i]Exotic Engram[/i] [u]Cost[/u]: 23 strange coins [i]Hawkmoon[/i] Hand cannon [u]Cost[/u]: 23 strange coins [i]Crimson[/i] Hand cannon [u]Cost[/u]: 23 strange coins [i]Borealis[/i] Sniper rifle [u]Cost[/u]: 23 strange coins [i]D.A.R.C.I.[/i] Sniper rifle [u]Cost[/u]: 23 strange coins [b]Strange Weapon Engram[/b] Contains a random weapon from Xur [u]Cost[/u]: 7 strange coins [i]Chrysura Melo[/i] Auto rifle Perks: outlaw, harmony [u]Cost[/u]: 17 strange coins [i]Scathelocke[/i] Auto rifle Perks: subsistence, eye of the storm [u]Cost[/u]: 17 strange coins [i]Deafening Whisper[/i] Grenade launcher Perks: pulse monitor, threat detector [u]Cost[/u]: 17 strange coins [i]Far Future[/i] Sniper rifle Perks: lead from gold, wellspring [u]Cost[/u]: 17 strange coins [i]Threaded Needle[/i] Linear fusion rifle Perks: rangefinder, vorpal weapon [u]Cost[/u]: 17 strange coins [i]Code Duello[/i] Rocket launcher Perks: field prep, unrelenting [u]Cost[/u]: 17 strange coins [i]Crown Splitter[/i] Sword Perks: thresh, counterattack [u]Cost[/u]: 17 strange coins [i]Strange Armor Engram[i/] Contains a random armor piece from Xur [u]Cost[/u]: 7 strange coins [b][i][u]Destiny 1[/u][/i][/b] [b]Location[/b]: the Tower. To the right of the hangar stairs [b]Weapon[/b] [i]Hard Light[/i] Auto rifle [u]Cost[/u]: 23 strange coins [b]Armor[/b] [i]Legacy boot engram[/i] [u]Cost[/u]: 29 strange coins [i]Crest of Alpha Lupi[/i] Titan chest [u]Cost[/u]: 13 strange coins [i]ATS/8 Tarantella[/i] Hunter chest [u]Cost[/u]: 13 strange coins [i]Heart of the Praxic Fire[/i] Warlock robes [u]Cost[/u]: 13 strange coins [b]Weapon Ornament Bundles[/b] [i]Monte Carlo/ Royal Flush[/i] [i]Zhalo Supercell/ Shock Hazard[/i] [u]Cost[/u]: 30 strange coins + 25 silver dust

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