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Xur Location 5/17/24

[b]Planet[/b]: Nessus Sector: Watchers Grave On the big red tree when you spawn in Note: D2 info will be updated after 10am PDT [b]Follow custom tags below since these posts get buried every week[/b] [b]Fated Isochronal Engram[/b] An engram with a predestined outcome. It will contain a new exotic if any remain to be collected [u]Cost[/u]: 97 shards [i]Xenology[/i] Complete activities in strikes, crucible, and gambit [u]Cost[/u]: no exotic cipher in inventory [b]Weapon[/b] [i]Arbalest[/i] Linear fusion rifle Description: fires slugs that cause massive damage to combatant shields. Strong against barrier champions. Breaking an enemy's shield with this weapon makes them more vulnerable to jinetic damage for a brief period [u]Cost[/u]: 29 shards [b]Armor[/b] [i]Raijus Harness[/i] Hunter chest Stat total: 62 Description: deactivate arc staff early to create a blinding explosion and gain a temporary boost to arc weapon damage. Arc staff consumes energy more slowly when not attacking [u]Cost[/u]: 23 shards [i]Aeon Safe[/i] Titan gauntlets Stat total: 68 Description: you specialize in punishing powerful combatants before they can harm your allies [u]Cost[/u]: 23 shards [i]The Stag[/i] Warlock helmet Stat total: 65 Description: your rift provides damage reduction to allied guardians standing in it. Grants rift energy when you are critically wounded. On your death, creates a healing rift on your corpse [u]Cost[/u]: 23 shards [b]Armory Drops[/b] [i]True Prophecy[/i] Hand cannon Perks: rangefinder, rampage [i]Falling Guillotine[/i] Sword Perks: relentless strikes, counterattack [i]Memory Interdict[/i] Grenade launcher Perks: clown cartridge, disruption break [i]The Deicide[/i] Shotgun Perks: surplus, elemental capacitor [i]Shepherds Watch[/i] Sniper rifle Perks: outlaw, osmosis [i]Legal Action ii[/i] Pulse rifle Perks: feeding frenzy, rampage [i]Ikelos srv103[/i] Sniper rifle Perks: overflow, elemental capacitor, rasputins arsenal [b][i][u]Destiny 1[/u][/i][/b] [b]Location[/b]: the Tower. Downstairs in the boom boom room [b]Weapon[/b] [i]Suros Regime[/i] Auto rifle [u]Cost[/u]: 23 strange coins [b]Armor[/b] [i]Legacy boot engram[/i] [u]Cost[/u]: 29 strange coins [i]Dunemarchers[/i] Titan boots [u]Cost[/u]: 13 strange coins [i]Radiant Dance Machines[/i] Hunter boots [u]Cost[/u]: 13 strange coins [i]Alchemists Raiment[/i] Warlock robes [u]Cost[/u]: 13 strange coins [b]Weapon Ornament Bundles[/b] [i]Bad Juju/ Hoodoom[/i] [i]Trespasser/ Crucible Assassin[/i] [u]Cost[/u]: 30 strange coins + 25 silver dust

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