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Xur Location 4/26/24

[b]Planet[/b]: Earth, Tower Sector: Tower Hangar On the catwalk behind Dead Orbit Note: D2 info will be updated after 10am PDT [b]Follow custom tags below since these posts get buried every week[/b] [b]Fated Isochronal Engram[/b] An engram with a predestined outcome. It will contain a new exotic if any remain to be collected [u]Cost[/u]: 97 shards [i]Xenology[/i] Complete activities in strikes, crucible, and gambit [u]Cost[/u]: no exotic cipher in inventory [b]Weapon[/b] [i]Lord of Wolves[/i] Shotgun Description: fires a powerful short range burst of solar damage. Reloading greatly increases rate of fire and shoots in full auto [u]Cost[/u]: 29 shards [b]Armor[/b] [i]Knucklehead Radar[/i] Hunter helmet Stat total: 64 Description: provides radar while you're aiming. Enhances your radar resolution while crouched. Visually marks targets. Deals more damage to low health marked targets. Provides a small benefit to the airborne effectiveness stat of all weapons [u]Cost[/u]: 23 shards [i]Eternal Warrior[/i] Titan helmet Stat total: 65 Description: arc final blows grant an escalating damage bonus with arc weapons. Gain an overshield when activating fists of havoc, and gain the highest tier damage bonus to arc weapons when your fists of havoc super ends [u]Cost[/u]: 23 shards [i]Ophidian Aspect[/i] Warlock gauntlets Stat total: 65 Description: weapons ready and reload very quickly. Provides a small benefit to the airborne effectiveness stat of all weapons [u]Cost[/u]: 23 shards [b]Armory Drops[/b] [i]Seventh Seraph SAW[/i] Machine gun Perks: grave robber, firing line [i]Interference vi[/i] Grenade launcher Perks: field prep, swashbuckler [i]True Prophecy[/i] Hand cannon Perks: grave robber, rampage [i]Chroma Rush[/i] Auto rifle Perks: feeding frenzy, adrenaline junkie [i]Chrysura Melo[/i] Auto rifle Perks: ensemble, demolitionist [i]Judgment of Kelgorath[/i] Glaive Perks: immovable object, surrounded, ambush [i]Ikelos srv103[/i] Sniper rifle Perks: moving target, high impact reserves, rasputins arsenal [b][i][u]Destiny 1[/u][/i][/b] [b]Location[/b]: the Tower. Downstairs next to the vanguard [b]Weapon[/b] [i]Truth[/i] Rocket launcher [u]Cost[/u]: 17 strange coins [b]Armor[/b] [i]Legacy chest engram[/i] [u]Cost[/u]: 29 strange coins [i]ACD/0 Feedback Fence[/i] Titan gauntlets [u]Cost[/u]: 13 strange coins [i]Lucky Raspberry[/i] Hunter chest [u]Cost[/u]: 13 strange coins [i]The Stag[/i] Warlock helmet [u]Cost[/u]: 13 strange coins [b]Weapon Ornament Bundles[/b] [i]Invective/ Storms Reproach[/i] [i]Red Death/ White Witch[/i] [u]Cost[/u]: 30 strange coins + 25 silver dust

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