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1/30/2023 6:55:02 AM

Fan Enemy Idea #3: The Cabal Berserker

[i]" It was their blades that forged an empire. My father's ancestors worshipped them as gods. None could match them. They crushed our enemies and drove them from our borders. Over the years something changed. Once noble warriors, reduced to gibbering lunatics craving blood and violence. My grandfather spent most of his life searching for the blades. He sealed them away never to see the light of day again. Now that my father has joined the Witness, he has unleashed those cursed blades upon this system. May the Ancestors have mercy on us all."[/i] - [i]Empress Caital on the berserker blades[/i] Lore Overview: The Berserkers were not always bloodthirsty monsters. They were once noble warriors belonging to the emperor's elite guard. The Praetorian Triumvirate. It was said they were gifted three blades of unknown make for their service to the emperor. The swords themselves resemble massive cleavers forged from a strange black alloy. The metal seems to flow like oil and appears to writhe in the wielders hand. Strange green runes are etched down the length of the blade. Some even say you could hear whispers emanating from the blades. Armed with these new blades the triumvirate helped the emperor claim vast swathes of space. Countless victories were won. Hundreds of enemies were driven before the might of these warriors. They were worshipped as heroes and demigods by the empire. Something sinister began to happen though. The warriors became more brutal and bloodthirsty. They would dive into hordes of enemies laughing like madman while swinging their blades. At first the empire tried to cover these acts up as nothing more than rumors spread by dissenters to the empire. That was until the "Massacre of Khali'desh", nearly one hundred loyal cabal soldiers were butchered by the heroes they once worshipped. Enraged and horrified at this the current emperor( Caital's Grandfather) led a small squad of his best valus to kill these crazed warriors. He left with twelve warriors. Only he returned. The emperor sealed the blades away hoping that they would never be used again. That was until Calus joined the Witness. Unleashing these cursed blades upon the system once more it is our task to see them destroyed or face utter defeat. Move list and Gameplay Encounter: As with most of the enemies I design they are encountered through strikes and end game content. Like with the Hive crypt stalker and Vex centaur. The berserker would be encountered in a strike or dungeon activity. Design- The berserker takes some inspiration from other works of fantasy and sci-fi. I wanted them to be as different from normal Cabal as possible. Where normal Cabal designs share smooth shapes and symmetrical designs to reflect their military nature. I want the berserkers to have uneven, chaotic designs. Jagged edges and mismatched armor, to having scarce armor showing their lack of self preservation. Design inspirations vary from Warhammer fantasy ogre kingdoms, lotr Uruk- hai armor, and ancient roman gladiatorial armor. How do you encounter this Unit?: Caital sends a rather distressing message to the Vanguard. Some of her forward observation posts of mysteriously gone offline. The bases security systems have captured disturbing footage. A lone cabal soldier wielding a black blade is seen briefly before the footage ends. Caital believes her father has unleashed the berserker blades and asks Zavala to send a strike team to kill the lone Cabal. I imagine the strike as a slow build up like a horror movie. Dead Cabal and wrecked vehicles litter the base. Strange symbols are carved in the walls and frantic whispering can be heard throughout the base. We finally find the lone Cabal talking and muttering to the blade. It looks up noticing the player. It then lets out a feral roar and starts the boss encounter. Move list: Chain Lash- The berserker lashes out in wide arcs with the sword which is shackled to it. The sword strikes out pushing back attacking guardians and causing slow status effect. Blade Lunge- Gripping the blade in both hands the berserker lunges forward swinging the blade in front of it. This is a high damage move and can half health in one hit. Ignore Pain- The berserker shields itself in a shroud that reduces incoming elemental damage. To cancel this effect the players must pass a dps threshold. If not the Berserker regains a small amount of health. Ignite Blade- At the start of phase two, at around fifty percent health. The berserker ignites the blade. Green fire engulfs the blade. If the player it hit by the blade they take burn damage and are suppressed. The blade also steals a small amount of super energy and empowers the berserker. Giving it increased damage and speed. Blade Whirlwind- As the name suggests the Cabal spins with the blade creating a fire trail behind it. Players should avoid this attack for it's high damage and one shot potential. Fret not though. Players can cancel the attach or knock the Cabal out of it. By shooting him in the knee, landing three critical shots to the head, and tethering him. Blade Arc- The berserker can fire crescent shaped projectiles from the blade that explode on impact with an area. Coating said area with the green balefire mentioned earlier. Chain Blade Lash- The berserker grabs the chain the blade is attached to and hurls it at the player impacting an area and creating a slow field and pulling the player towards the boss. This move is coupled with blade whirlwind in phase two. Loot!: The berserker drops a unique legendary shotgun and armor for each of the three classes. Hunter gets a unique helmet. Titan gets unique gauntlets. Warlock gets a unique bond. Finally finished this enemy! Took me almost a year to get this out. Between my hot water tank flooding my house and work. I finally found time to get this out. I do apologize if it seems weaker than the other two I did. This enemy kept changing, from background lore, move sets, and loot. So let me know what you guys think. Do you think an enemy like this can work in Destiny?
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