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Bounty Hunter Daily Reset Write-Up for 3.10.21

Today we’re looking at the bounties that can be done in Gambit. Why Gambit? Mainly because two of Zavala’s dailies today can be done in any PvE activity in the game. So why tack them on to something else than limit ourselves to the strike playlist? Here are the Seasonal Challenges available for Gambit specifically. As far as challenges go, these all can be done pretty easily by just playing the activity: [b]Week 1:[/b] Dredgin' Up Victory - Complete Gambit matches. Earn bonus progress for wins. [b]Week 2:[/b] Drifter's Chosen - Earn points by banking Motes, defeating Blockers, and defeating Invaders in Gambit. [b]Week 3:[/b] Primeval Entourage - Defeat Taken in Gambit. Earn Bonus progress for defeating tougher combatants. [b]Week 4:[/b] High-Value Hunter - Defeat powerful combatants in Gambit. Earn bonus progress for defeating high-value targets. [b]Week 5:[/b] In It for Infamy - Earn Infamy ranks in Gambit. Now let’s dig in: [b][u]Suggested Loadout:[/u] [/b] Grab a Sniper Rifle, Combat Bow, and Pulse Rifle for your Kinetic and Energy slots. Throw a Linear Fusion Rifle in as your power weapon. (Arbalest may be a better choice though if you have it). Make your weapons Solar. Get those Precision, melee ability, and energy weapon kills, as well as Super multikills This covers Banshee’s calibrations for today, the War Table’s Crow’s Foresight, Blades of the Gladiator, and Armed with the Elements, and Zavala’s One Shot, One Kill and From Downtown. Picking up Banshee’s Repeatable bounties will nab you 3,000 XP per bounty and additional progress on his Weekly Challenge. [b]Rewards: [/b]54,000 XP 8 Mod Components and 4 Enhancement Cores Progress on Banshee’s Weekly Bounty Challenge 10 Vanguard Tokens Progress on Zavala’s Weekly Bounty Challenge [b][u]Drifter[/u] [/b] You don’t have to go too far out of your way as far as Gambit bounties go today: Complete a Gambit match, defeat 50 enemies (make 10 of them Challenging combatants), and get 5 finisher kills. This covers all four of Drifter’s dailies for today. Picking up Drifter’s Repeatable bounties will nab you 3,000 XP per bounty and additional progress on his Weekly Challenge. [b]Rewards: [/b]24,000 XP 120 Infamy Progress on Drifter’s Weekly Bounty Challenge [b][u]Planetary Bounties?[/u] [/b] For some reason I remember completing an EDZ bounty while in Gambit. I can’t exactly confirm this, but if this is true, you can work on planetary bounties in Gambit as long as the location of the map is in game. In this case it would only be the Legion’s Folly (Nessus) and Emerald Coast Map (EDZ) From Failsafe you can pick up all three of her bounties today. Get precision kills, super kills, and power weapon multikills. This could tack on an additional 18,000 XP and planetary materials. From Devrim you can grab his Deadeye daily. Get 10 precision kills. This could add an additional 6,000 XP and planetary materials. [b][u]Other Bounties and Challenges[/u] [/b] If Legion’s Folly does count as being part of Nessus, you can try working on the War Table’s Nessi-Centauri Front daily. Just defeat enemies there. Gambit matches provide clan XP for Hawthorne’s Weekly Clan XP challenge Getting Stasis kills will progress the Exo Stranger’s Weekly Stasis challenge. Completing three Gambit matches takes care of the Gambit playlist weekly challenge.

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