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1/5/2021 6:20:42 PM

Bounty Hunter Weekly and Daily Reset Write-Up for 1.5.21

Happy New Year, everyone! We’re back. This write-up takes a look at the bounties being offered by vendors today and offers some tips on how to get through them. Don’t forget you can purchase the bounties you need through the D2 Companion App now, which should save you a bit of time. Let’s get to it: [b][u]Anywhere Bounties[/u] [/b] Go Pulse Rifle and Sidearm for your Kinetic and Energy slots. Grab a Grenade Launcher for your Power weapon. Throw in a Special Weapon of your choice. Make your weapons Void and get those Finisher kills. This covers Banshee’s Calibrations for today and all four of Crow’s dailies [b]Rewards [/b]48,000 XP 4 Enhancement Cores and 8 Mod Components 4/8 Progess on Banshee’s Weekly Bounty Challenge For any Core activity playlist be sure to grab Banshee’s Field Calibration weekly. (12,000 XP // 1 Upgrade Module // Bright Dust // 1/8 Progress on Banshee’s Weekly Bounty Challenge) Using your Stasis subclass to get Stasis kills while not on Europa will progress the Exo Stanger’s weekly challenge. Crow's bounties that deal with weapon/ability/elemental kills can be completed in the Crucible. [b][u]Crucible[/u] [/b] Hop into Control and capture zone. Defeat Guardians in a single life, with assists or by being assisted, and with your abilities. [b]Rewards [/b]24,000 XP 20 Crucible Tokens 4/8 Progress on Shaxx’s Weekly Bounty Challenge Any Crucible matches you complete will progress both of Shaxx’s weeklies. Getting Void ability kills progresses his Quantum Mechanic weekly. Wins offer the most progress towards his Thrill of Victory weekly. (12,000 XP // Bright Dust // 15 Crucible Tokens // 35 Valor // 1/8 Progress on Shaxx’s Weekly Bounty Challenge each.) [b][u]Gambit[/u] [/b] Complete a Gambit match. Defeat challenging enemies, bank motes, and get those Finisher kills. [b]Rewards [/b] 24,000 XP 120 Infamy 4/8 Progress on Drifter’s Weekly Bounty Challenge Defeat enemies and guardians and bank motes for Drifter’s On the Grind weekly. Play 2-3 matches to complete his Do It weekly. (12,000 XP // 100 Infamy // Bright Dust // 1/8 Progress on Drifter’s Weekly Bounty Challenge each) [b][u]Vanguard[/u] [/b] Today’s playlist modifiers are Arc Singe, , Defeat enemies with Sniper Rifles, Grenade Launchers, and your Super. Defeat Champions in the Nightfall. [b]Rewards[/b] 12,000 XP 20 Vanguard Tokens 4/8 Progress on Zavala’s Weekly Bounty Challenge Get Vex kills for Zavala’s Thin the Horde weekly. Defeat enemies with Void damage for his Force Projection weekly. (12,000 XP // 15 Vanguard Tokens // Bright Dust // 1/8 Progress on Zavala’s Weekly Bounty Challenge each) [b]Suggested Strikes [/b] These strikes are suggested because you can tie in the planetary vendor bounties while you’re in the strike. [b]The Disgraced (Cosmodrome)[/b] - This strike is the Nightfall this week so I highly suggest completing it three times for the weekly challenge. The Void damage you need Zavala’s Force Projection weekly will also count towards Shaw’s Full Spectrum weekly. And all of those Hive you’re going to encounter will progress Zavala’s Thin the Horde weekly. Be sure to pick up Shaw’s Crowd Control, Bread and Butter, and Leave Nothing Behind dailies. Defeat enemies, especially with Kinetic and Power weapons. (18-30,000 XP // Spinfoil Leaves) [b]Any EDZ Strike[/b] - Grab all three of Devrim’s EDZ dailies today. Get Power Weapon multikills, precision kills, and create Orbs of Power. (18,000 XP // 30 Dusklight Shards) [b]Scarlet Keep, Glassway, or any Nessus Strike[/b] - Eris, Variks, and Failsafe each have two dailies that can be done in the strikes on their respective planets. The Scarlet Keep strike on the Moon might be a good choice as it contributes to Zavala's Thin the Horde weekly. Completing two of Variks’ bounties in the Glassway will count towards his Europan Bounty weekly challenge. [b][u]Europa[/u] [/b] Head to the Asterion Abyss and defeat combatants. Defeat Vex with precision damage and Fallen. Get Grenade Launcher multikills in a lost sector. [b]Rewards [/b]24,000 XP 4/8 Progress on the Europa Bounty Weekly Challenge Any Lost Sectors, Patrols, or Public events you complete will progress Variks’ Courageous Expedition weekly bounty (12,000 XP) Earn points in the The Warrior Empire Hunt to complete Variks’ The Heat of Battle weekly (12,000 XP) [b][u]Sabrosen’s Side Hustles[/u] [/b] It’s a good week for this part of the write-up, though I’d wait for the Lectern of Enchantment to have its Deadzone Dreams daily for that extra 6,000 XP. Grab the Lectern’s Nightmare Sojourner weekly, Banshee’s Local Calibration, and all three of Devrim’s dailies: Get Power Weapon multikills, precision kills, and create Orbs of Power. From Spider grab the following WANTED bounties and complete the required Lost Sectors: Zerz, the Unstoppable Weight (2 Ghost Fragments) Dust-Choked Thrag (2 Ghost Fragments) Phyzann, Drowned Captain (2 Ghost Fragments) Mazan, Lost Captain (2 Ghost Fragments) Devourer Darg (3 Ghost Fragments) You can also pick up the Silent Fang bounty for 5 Ghost Fragments but this is optional. It’ll nab you 3000 XP, 1 Enhancement Core, and 15,000 Glimmer. [b]Rewards[/b] 57,000 XP (+6,000 XP if you do the Lectern’s Deadzone Dreams) 30 Dusklight Shards 1 Enhancement Core 1 Enhancement Module 1 Phantasmal Core 1 Phantasmal Fragment 19,500+ Glimmer As always, you can grab the repeatable bounties from the core activity vendors, Banshee, and Crow. Each repeatable will nab you 4,000 XP and will help progress the vendors’ Weekly Bounty Challenges. Banshee’s can be done anywhere and Crow’s will have you defeating specific Hive and Fallen enemies. Core activity repeatables can only be done in those activities. XP estimates are based on Season of Arrivals. If anyone knows the new numbers feel free to correct me.

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