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Longing for Home (Story)

[spoiler]Just a story about Skye as she prepares to go and find Errol. Really just trying to show that relationship she had with him before he turned. Meant to post earlier, but got a bit distracted lol. Don’t think this is my [i]best[/i] work, so criticisms are welcome as always. This one is [i]not[/i] an RP, by the way![/spoiler] [i]“Ouch!” “Oh, sorry, Skye.” “Errol, why do you keep on beating me? It’s not fair!” Errol held out his hand to help Skye up off the ground, a smirk on his face. “That’s because I’m better.” Skye looked up at him and smacked his hand away. “No, it’s because you’re bigger than me.” With a groan the girl pushed herself back to her feet and dusted herself off. Errol handed her the wooden sword that he had knocked out of her grip a moment ago. “I told you, you’ll grow eventually,” Errol said with a smile. “It’s not fair,” she repeated in complaint. “You will always be bigger than me.” “You know what father said, Skye. Size doesn’t always matter. Besides, you’re taller than most of the lasses your age.” “And this sword is too clunky. I don’t like it.” Errol chuckled as his adopted younger sister seemed to completely ignore his comment. He put his free arm around her shoulder and started leading her back to the house. “I think it’s time for a break,” he said. “That sword [/i]is [i]a wee bit large for you. Maybe father can start teaching you how to use something else.” Skye’s green eyes stared up at him expectantly. “Like what?” Errol shrugged. “I don’t know, maybe how to dual wield daggers or something.” “And then the daggers can come together and turn into a bow and arrow!” Skye wiggled out of his brotherly hold and lifted up her arms, pretending to draw the string of a bow. “I don’t think it works like that. The blades would have to be made of metal, and metal doesn’t bend the way a bow’s limbs need to.” “It could if we tried! Maybe father can help me make it!” “We’ll see. He is running out of materials, you’ll probably have to wait.” Skye’s gaze dropped to her feet in disappointment. At this, Errol reached out and ruffled her dark hair playfully. “Oh well. I guess that just means I’ll still win when we practice.” “Errol!” She rushed at him to hit him in the shin with her wooden sword. He grunted at the blow and turned to start running. She chased after him, swinging and poking with her weapon. All the while he patiently took the hits, laughing and cracking jokes until they made it home.[/i] Home. As the memory faded, Skye wondered where “home” was. She could see it in her mind so clearly; the cliffs that looked out over a crashing sea, the forests of tall trees and beds of moss, the open fields of grass, the ancient mountains that seemed to declare their dominance where they stood, and the little cottage where she, Errol, and their father, Lyle, lived for so many years. But the effects of her amnesia were still present and it’s location was lost to her. This along with the scene of dueling with Errol when she must have been no older than ten made a bittersweet sense of longing rise within her. Those were the days when they were happiest, when she still wasn’t quite aware of the troubles of the world, when Lyle was always teaching them something new about the wilderness, and when Errol was... different. Skye replayed the images of him in her head. He always looked well rested, his grin long-lasting, and his laugh contagious. The ten years that passed since then had gone by too quickly for Skye. And now, the one she had called “brother” for so long had completely changed. She had a responsibility, to try and make up for her mistakes, and to help Errol turn back to the way he was. She was ready to go, with her camp in the forest near the Capital cleared and what little belongings she had packed away in a small leather backpack she managed to find. It could take a long time to find him, and with the many dangers that could be found in Offtopic, there was a hard journey ahead. However, she wasn’t going to give up. So, with one final glance over her shoulder, Skye settled her helmet onto her head and began her tread down the road. Maybe she would find home along the way.

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