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Pinnacle Weapon/Survival/Heavy Ammo Opinion

This is just my opinion. In my multiple attempts to try and obtain a crucible pinnacle/ritual weapon, the requirement to earn glory or reach a glory rank has always been the most difficult. I understand that these weapons such as the Recluse or Luna’s Howl are very powerful, and the objectives to obtain them are difficult so that players have to work hard to earn them, but compared to the other pinnacle quests the crucible ones seem much more difficult in comparison. Players can grind strikes or gambit and obtain a weapon in a few hours if they put their mind to it. After a few challenging games in survival, the progress one may have made could just have been wasted time. Now it could be my lack of skill (I’m definitely no God) or my lack of buddies to play crucible with, but it still seems like the other quests don’t have anywhere near this level of possible setbacks. PvP is challenging, and I enjoy a challenge to a point, but when I try hard only to be rewarded with a drop in my rank, or a fireteam member quitting because they think we won’t win, it makes me want to stop trying to even go for these weapons. I know playing crucible well requires teamwork and communication and good skill among other things, and I’m sure that I could easily ask someone to carry me to the level that I’d like to be, but I’d really like to feel like I’ve earned it myself. That’s the point of the challenge right? With all of this being said I’d love to see what survival or another competitive playlist would look like without heavy ammo. I know in D1, some players would wave off and agree not to use it, and the match would go on just fine. Heavy ammo is great and it’s an awesome feeling to get a multi kill with such powerful weapons, but is it really that needed in games as with as few players as survival? Most heavy weapons have very short times to kill and have a lot less skill required to get a kill. An argument could be made that special weapons are also powerful but there is much more counter play to players with a sniper or shotgun than there is with a player that can kill you by aiming in your general direction. Supers are also powerful but you either need to get kills, have the right stats, or wait long enough to get them. Heavy ammo spawns every round, and it’s an easy 1 or 2 lives gone in survival, if not a definite end to a round. It’s not very difficult to just spend the round camping around the center of the map waiting for ammo to spawn. If it would be possible to try survival without heavy ammo in crucible labs, or just even as a temporary playlist, I would be very interested to see how players would react to it. Sure the meta would still reward a certain play style, but games could possibly be more focused on skill, which is what players want out of competitive, right? Changes have been made to overpowered weapons and heavy spawn timers but I don’t think this has ever been tried, at least not by default in a game mode. This is all just an opinion by a Destiny fan that is interested in the possibility of this change. I don’t have statistics or other players weighing in, so I don’t want anyone to think I’ve got solid proof that all that I’ve said is true. It’s just what I’ve experienced. I know there are workarounds and players that can help me to obtain these rewards, but should a quest for a weapon really require as much planning as a raid?

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