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Exotic Pulse Rifle: The Obligate / the new SIVA

Name: The Obligate 6-Round Exotic Burst Kinetic Pulse Rifle Rapid-Fire Frame Appearance: Stubby with six barrels that one round per pulse. They’re are two small exhaust vents on each side of the gun. Accents of the SIVA red along with kit-bashed clips and ties holding the barrels and scope in place, the rest is a mix of gunmetal and light rust. Below the sights and across the magazine is transparent Perspex that allows for the blue/green nanites to be seen (the amount seen decreases in accordance with the magazine). Stacking Reliance makes the nanites seen inside move around faster and louder. When critically injured nanites fly out from the exhaust vents and around the wielder. Impact: 10 Range: 10 Stability: 50 Handling: 60 Reload: 80 RPM: 540 Magazine: 48 “They’re good, right? Just don’t get hooked.” Intrinsic Perk — Reliance: Each kill with this weapon increases its impact and range, but decreases the impact and range of your other weapons. Stacks reset on death. * (Each stack increases impact and range by +3, stacks max at 15. Other weapons in load-out decrease by -2 per stack) Barrel — Full Choke: Tightened barrel. Reduces projectile spread when aiming down sights at the cost of precision damage. Magazine — Appended Mag: This weapon's magazine is built for higher capacity. * Increases magazine size Legendary Trait — Micropredator: Weapon projectiles attach to targets and highlight them for you. Targets are highlighted for longer based on the number of Reliance stacks. * (1-5stacks: 1-15 seconds / 6-10 stacks: 16-30 seconds / 11-14 stacks: 31-45 seconds / 15 stacks: 60 seconds) * (Only one projectile of the six need to hit for Micropredator to activate. Multiple projectiles cannot attach to the same target) Stock — Short Action Stock: This weapon is especially easy to grip. * Greatly increases handling speed Exotic Catalyst — Kleptoparasite: Being critically wounded consumes your Reliance stacks and heals you based on the number of stacks. Resetting Reliance stacks in this way causes projectiles attached to enemies to explode. * (1-5stacks: 1-20% heal / 6-10 stacks: 21-30% / 11-14 stacks: 31-45% heal / 15 stacks: 60% heal) * (Attached projectile explosion deals more damage based on the number of Reliance stacks, with 15 stacks being consumed, the explosion will deal 1 critical hit worth of weapon damage) Lore Tab: “They’re good, right? Just don’t get hooked.” ——— “What are you doing?” “Reconfiguring SIVA nanites.” “Why?” “Think about it, advanced nanorobotics, cutting-edge engineering, and all they do is kill stuff.” “Yeah, that’s the idea.” “Well then, what about this? Nanite projectiles that latch on to targets so they can’t hide, that suck up all the good stuff for you when you kill a target, AND they repair your shields when you get knocked down.” “Are they still even SIVA?” “I put them into this — I call it The Obligate, as in these bad boys are obliged to be your best friend.” “Sounds alright to me.” “Also, they can explode too.” “... When can I get one?”

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