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I want to talk about thundercrash in pve.

(There's a summary that's bolded and underlined below if you don't want to read the wall of text, sorry about that) The most recent buff to it has made it a little better in the super and that is certainly a good start to making it a more viable skill tree but I feel like it's still just a piece of crap in pve. Thundercrash always gets this title of "fastest charging super in the game" and in certain scenarios it can very well be as the title claims...but in these scenarios, a lot of the time it's the build you are working with that allows it to do it's job or perform in the manner people always claim it's good at. Without something to maximize your ability to spam the charged melee this skill tree in pve feels like a mashed together piece of crap. Why you may ask, well let's break that down. #1: the charged melee can't regenerate itself in the slightest. You have a perk that gives you super energy tied to the melee which is a really nice perk, but when the melee can't regenerate itself without building around it, you end up with times where you have nothing really to make you feel powerful. "Just wear skullfort or use Monte carlo" are things I hear a lot when people argue how viable it is, but when you have to use an exotic just to make this skill tree...actually feel like it's doing something how can that be a measure of how good it is on it's own? It's like if I just generalized the titan supers at being the strongest for killing ads just because they have synthoceps as an option. Or me saying chaos reach is stronger than nova bomb just because the boots that are built for it exist. Exotics should NOT be what gives a skill tree it's value, an exotic should be what maximizes the value the skill tree brings for itself. Even in terms of super regen, without hands on or skullfort there are other ways for other supers to maximize super regen while also having a more viable neutral game and if we aren't going to use the exotics and builds other classes/subclasses have when determining how to buff them then why do it to thundercrash? #2: No neutral game synergy. Every single skill tree in the game has some sort of synergy or neutral abilities that help out the skill tree as a whole, which in this instance would be inertia override. The single biggest problem I have with inertia in pve is that its not only completely rng but it also has no real benefit to anything else the skill tree is supposed to do. We have a charged melee that does aoe damage and grants super energy...but then we also have a perk that requires you to slide over ammo for a weapon bonus. Two very different approaches to getting a bonus aren't they? One requires you to be in the air while the other requires you to be on the ground and perform a certain action. Although useful on their own...the lack of synergy makes this skill tree feel like they just threw crap together. The best example I can think of is bottom tree nightstalker before they buffed it, where it had useful perks but no synergy. And I'm not saying thundercrashes are bad, because they aren't bad perks, but if most optimal builds revolve around just spamming the melee or super...why do i need a weapon damage buff that can't activate off of either of those? #3: What am I supposed to use the super for? "Its not a boss damage super" technically nova bomb isn't either, we just put it in that category because it's a high damage projectile, but it's axions very highly suggest it's utility for add clear. "Its an add clear super," if it's an add clear super why does it suck so bad at taking care of anything but red and orange bars? The purpose to HAVING a one off super is to put explosive power into a single attack vs using a long lasting mobile super. That's WHY nova bomb, blade barrage and chaos reach do the damage that they do, so that they CAN take care of any add that comes their way...but not thundercrash. A super that requires you to slam into your targets/get closer to them does the lowest damage? A super we have to use for add clear...that can't kill the ads you use this type of super for in the first place? What kind of backwards logic is this? If it's going to be a super for add clear it STILL has to do a lot of damage. But it doesn't, at all. It's still the weakest one off super in the game and for what reason? Likely because of the way builds that let you spam the melee function, but again this is only because of exotics, but thundercrash is the only one that gets this kind of balancing. So I have to use a one off super for what I use a typical mobile super for...because of how I can potentially build [b][u]Summary:[/b][/u] I just don't know what this skill tree is supposed to be used for outside of PvP. It's a one off super I have to use for red bars and I have to use exotics just to make it feel like it's doing anything it tries to present itself as...but then that too also takes care of adds. It likely isn't designed for pve and thats likely why I'm not getting the results I want out of it but that's no excuse to make it a piece of crap in the alternative sandbox. A lot of warlocks don't like how shit nova warp feels in pve but because it's likely designed for crucible it shouldn't be allowed to function in a comfortable manner to the other options they have available? It's their only void mobile super but because it performs better in crucible, you aren't allowed to use it in pve? The recent sandbox changes to the current solar supers contradicts this stupid nonsense. [b][u]What I want from thundercrash:[/b][/u] If thundercrash is supposed to be this add clear super and skill tree, it should excel at that job on it's own. It needs to have a way to regenerate it's melee and apply inertia override off of that and it needs the super to be stronger to kill harder to kill targets. If it doesn't get something along these lines, then I'm just not going to use it. People can make all these claims about how good it is or how I "don't know how to use it," but when bottom tree striker or sentinel exists...why should I even listen? Titans have so many alternative add clear options and quite honestly thundercrash barely even brings that to the table. It is a fun concept that's poorly executed. Thank you for your time if you spared any to read what I said. Edit: so for anyone that's curious on how much the damage of thundercrash has improved with both the base damage increase and the increased flight damage, it has received an average of a 33% buff in damage. So you could reach potentially higher numbers if you awkwardly fly around your target but my argument still holds. It's still not quite as strong as a one off super should be and it's heavily elevated by exotics. For reference, the new damage thundercrash dealt to Kali was 79,399 when I flew straight into her, no tricks or nothing. A bottom tree nova bomb does 99,753. This makes it about 25% stronger than thundercrash which actually isn't too bad especially considering how large the gap used to be. Im...ok with this to a degree but I still feel the overall explosion should've been what was made stronger and not the weird flight damage.

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