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11/28/2019 12:02:31 AM

I really like bottom tree sunbreaker, but I have a few issues with it.

It's been my favorite skill tree on sunbreaker even before it got buffed. The potential it had for being good was incredible and a while back bungie did some really nice changes to this skill tree that made it truly feel worthwhile. To this day I still use it when I play Destiny and today I just wanted to share my thoughts on what I believe is the biggest reason why people don't really use it in pve and likely not at all in PvP. Issues with bottom tree: [spoiler] Reason #1: the melee I don't think anybody can deny how annoying it is to have a charged melee that doesn't have the special effect activate, like nova warps melee, dawnblades burn, etc. But what really drives me crazy about this melee, is that out of all the melee that can have failed effects, this one is by far the worst. It has the lowest impact damage of any other charged melee, likely leaving completely underleveled enemies like vandals at a quarter health and then they die to burn or it does no impact damage but then maybe takes out a quarter to a half of the vandals health due to burn, or it won't burn at all. This exact same issue carries over into PvP and it is infuriating when a target has only about 80 health left and my melee either hits them but doesn't burn or burns but doesn't hit them. I have died so many times to this melee failing to work properly and it's whole design just feels like it was trying to balance out how strong it is. And that's understandable, but it leaves it so unbelievably vulnerable to bugs that it's power isn't even worth it. This was a big issue in d1 as well, but melting point pretty much carried it. Reason #2: sunspots Sunspots are so strong in pve and pvp. They will absolutely incinerate a target just for slightly touching one, but there are some flaws to it. First of all, if you die and the enemy is burning that then also dies, it doesn't generate a sunspot (this is an issue with like every class and it's annoying). Second, if an ally kills the target that you are burning, it will not generate a sunspot and this makes no sense. Third and probably most annoying of them all, is sunspot duration. I understand it would be a problem if sunspots lasted too long with multiple sunbreakers out, but with how important it is that a sunbreaker hops into their sunspot, it shouldn't rush you this much. You get maybe 5 seconds to get inside of it, which is an ok amount of time, but in high intensity activities it becomes a real challenge to safely jump into one. But, when you do get inside of it, it lasts for about 20 seconds, which is a very long amountg of time. Can't some middle ground be reached when not standing inside one? Reason #3: activating sunspots In pve I don't have a problem activating sunspots (except with the melee) but in PvP it's definitely a challenge. In order to get one to activate, you have to kill an enemy guardian with a solar ability or at least while they are burning. This ends up being a problem when sunbreaker as a whole doesn't have the best tools to get them to activate due to the games lack of ability damage in crucible as a whole. I can get them to activate naturally maybe 3 times per crucible game on average if I catch people off guard but a lot of scenarios go by where I can't get one. And it's understandable because it's a really strong perk once activated, but it's such a pain in the ass sometimes. When your whole neutral game is tied to ability kills and you don't have the best abilities to work with, effectively using it becomes more luck based than performance based. So maybe these won't make sense to some people, but I have a huge amount of time in the skill tree and have run into so many issues that revolve entirely around what I said above. Some builds can help work around the problems, but sunbreaker as a whole doesn't really have a whole lot of exotics to help it out. It has 2 really good ones, but they don't really help you get the neutral game activated. (Ashen wake is ok.)[/spoiler] So these are my suggestions for sunbreaker: [spoiler]#1: change the melee to do normal impact damage of a melee (100-101 in crucible) but decrease the burn damage to have its maximum damage be the same as it is now. This will allow decrease the disadvantage when the burn doesn't trigger properly and it will make killing weaker targets more consistent. #2: increase sunspot duration when the titan hasn't touched it or isn't standing in it to 8 seconds, but keep the maximum duration while standing in one the same. This will give the titan more time to activate sun warrior without extending the total duration, giving them more time to set up and giving the sunspot a larger time to block off an area by itself. #3: add a special "debuff" effect that lasts for 2 seconds when an enemy is hit by a solar ability (not like oppressive darkness, more like a highlight or outline visual effect. But like oppressive darkness, is not reapplied by damage over time). When a titan kills a target that's "debuffed" within those 2 seconds, generate a sunspot. This will allow a titan to damage someone with a fusion grenade or thermite grenade and if they are quick enough, they can follow it up with a melee or something else to generate a sunspot. You can currently do this with an incindieary grenade or your melee because killing a burning target will generate a sunspot, but it doesn't help out the other two grenades sunbreaker has, which obviously favors a single grenade and limiting build variety in crucible.[/spoiler] I put the post in 2 seperate spoilers because they are long and some people care more about a reason than a suggestion or vise versa.

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