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We got solar buffs, can we get some love for void?

Some void powers that need some love: - The neutral game on middle tree Voidwalker is and forever will be very strong due to the sheer killpower of Handheld Supernova. The real strength kicks in (or is thrown in, if you [i]catch[/i] my drift) when you know the perfect distance in which all bolts will connect, nabbing you that satisfying kill. However, the super, Nova Warp, needs a small buff. It was hit hard in duration because the map size in PvP is undoubtedly small, but as it stands it's beyond unforgiving to use. In my humble opinion Daybreak is a good example to follow when balancing supers; easy to whiff and mess up with, but still flexible and rewarding with proper use. The player has to FEEL the wish to use their other weapons while using their super, because that way they'll know "hey, this sightline is better for my guns, not my super, I'd better steer clear, maybe find a different route." - Middle tree Nightstalker, also my personal main (woo). The Corrosive Smoke on Way of the Wraith needs a buff. What does it need a buff in? Well anything, really. Increased smoke cloud size? Sure. Increased damage per tick? That's fine. More ticks? Not on my skin but for the ticks of damage, yes please. Anything at all would make it miles better. Not putting down Bungie's efforts into the bomb itself, but what's the point of calling something "corrosive" in D2 if the overall damage is just slightly higher than that of a regular Snare Bomb, whose purpose isn't dealing damage at all? Even if it does magnetize to a target, which to its credit happens a lot with the proper toss, the distance someone needs to just walk out of the smoke cloud makes Corrosive Smoke ineffective as a setup tool. - The neutral game across Sentinel is... actually kinda strong. The super, on the other hand, is not. I know it's been done to death already but please find a way to give Sentinel Shield some better hit detection on those grounded attacks. Don't get me wrong, the air combo is fine, actually it's disjointed as all hell, which is good (shield throw is also VERY good and well-designed), but the grounded attacks sometimes leave targets standing in disturbingly close ranges. Maybe it's that nobody knows the lunge distance, maybe it's hive magic, but it needs to be addressed.

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