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Buff thundercrash (this is a big one boys and girls).

Damage numbers for nerds who care: [spoiler]So with the change to damage numbers, things are going to look smaller than before, don't worry about that. These are the numbers I got against Kali when I rammed her: 1876 per aftershock x 4 51,577 impact damage 59,081 total damage possible. A single air sentinel combo (light, heavy): 18,599 total damage. 18,599 x3 =55,797 So 3 sentinel wombo combos can do almost the exact same damage as thundercrash. Chaos bomb, devour bomb, chaos reach: CB: 109,881~85% stronger DB: 99,753~68% stronger CR: 91,442~54% CRmags: 151,231~155% stronger[/spoiler] Suggestion (i suggest reading the nerd numbers first, it will make more sense): Increase thundercrash damage by 40% (51,577+40%=72,207) Increase aftershock damage by 50% (1876+50%= 2814 per aftershock x4) New total damage comes out to 83,463. Inertia override change: Still slide over ammo for a reload and 20% damage boost for 3 seconds. When this perk is active, getting a kill extends the timer by 1 second (1 second cooldown, so basically you can extend how long it lasts but you aren't refreshing the buff, like with tarrabah) and grants 8% melee energy. Impact conversion nerf/buff: Super energy per target hit grants diminishing returns (3% for first target, 2.5% for the second, 2% for the third, 1.5% for the 4th and 1% for every extra target afterwards). Getting a multi kill with ballistic slam (2 or more) activates inertia override. Reasoning, if you care: [spoiler]The damage buff is a given pretty much. The results show just how weak it is but I have a 2 reasons as to why I don't want an increase much higher than that. To put it simply...thundercrash will never be a true boss damage super, at least not really. Much like fist of havoc in d1, it is limited by the fact that it can't be a ranged projectile so therefore it is LIKELY designed more for add clear. So although it CAN still be used to ram fist first into the ass of a boss, you are likely going to get quaked or be displaced when dps typically calls more for weapons or range so it will excel more in activities where add clear is necessary. But this will lead to another reason below. The second reason is because of the super regen. The super regen paired with skullfort and hands on makes the lack of super damage almost bearable but I want to balance it out a bit so that it's less rewarding with as many targets, but it still grants a burst in super energy regardless. I'm not just forgetting the other skill trees that can maximize super regen, I'm just taking how fast thundercrash specifically can do it into consideration. Bottom tree sentinel is the second fastest charging super in the game when in the right situation but it's a mobile super and not a burst one off super. I don't want to absolutely cripple this perk because it's unique to thundercrash and it kinda helps cement the role that it's for, which is to use it more for things like ads, but at the same time I can understand just how stupid it would be letting a super like this do nova bomb+ damage AND regenerate the fastest in the game, even if it can't ever be used in the same way nova bomb can (Oh and chaos reach is still a thing, but it requires you to at least focus on your target to be used for all damage and that can be dangerous). The other changes to inertia override are a big thing I've been trying to work out every single time I made this type of post. I could never really settle on what to do but I had the gist of what I wanted, so it comes down to this. Inertia override still does what it did before, only now it can be extended by getting kills and restores a bit of melee energy. This increases it's ability to kill targets once buffed and gives the skill tree a way to regenerate it's melee, which was a big problem before. It rewards you for aggressive gameplay and allows it to perform more smoothly and powerfully when used in that manner. That's the whole goal, to make sure it kills adds really well, by playing aggressively and being rewarded for it, but you still have to take risks to maximize it's potential. This was actually quite hard to work out in terms of balancing it so we don't get a bottom tree striker 2.0 except for pve, but this skill tree has been so bottom of the barrel that it deserves something to make it powerful. I feel like they did a good job with bottom tree tether and now it's thundercrashes turn.[/spoiler]

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