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11/3/2019 5:48:47 PM

Some quality of life changes to the sunbreaker would be nice.

I'm not ever going to say that sunbreaker is in a bad state, because it quite honestly isn't. The super is fun and reliable in pve and PvP. But there are some things about it that just irritate me and that have persisted since d1. First, the reload animation for the hammer itself. It just feels a bit slow. Bottom tree with sun warrior is faster but without it it just feels so slow. I actually really like the animation because it just feels like a powerful animation, but sometimes I feel like in PvP when I need to reload it just takes too long and can cost me my life or super. No I didn't just start thinking this because I watched an aztecross video, I have about double my sentinel and striker kills in pve and PvP and have experienced it for a while now. I'm not asking for like some huge reduction, but let's say it's like 0.5 per reload, well I would like it to be about 0.45, just a smidge faster. I think it's actually slower than that, probably around a 0.6-0.7 reload time, possibly slower and too lazy to check. But If that changes the flow of the animation, don't change it. I actually don't like bottom trees super speedy animation because it doesn't feel strong (even though it's technically way stronger than top trees due to sunspots). Next would easily be the most obnoxious part of the super that no super but nova warp is affected by and that's being cut off mid animation when super energy runs out. I have like 5% of my super bar left and I'm mid throw and then nothing happens. Any other super in the game would still be able to get off any attack at least once. It's cost me so many kills in pve and PvP that it's not even funny. I'm literally mid swing, at least let me throw it. Next would be the most cruel thing they did to sunbreaker, something I could NEVER forgive them for until they fix that, and that's the hammer sound affect on activation varying. I want that loud threatening clank when I activate that super, always. I want the enemy to remember what this super used to do and still can do in the right situations. I don't care if my ally pops his super, I don't want to hear that sad little baby anvil hit but papa's loud threatening one. Sunbreaker should put fear into your allies as well, letting them know you are about to destroy their team or die miserably. More pve related buffs I would like is some more damage. Like 10-15% on the explosion damage, not the extra effects such as the embers or the sunspots. The hammer itself just feels kind of weak and much too reliant on the extra effects to secure tougher target kills.

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