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10/27/2019 8:43:07 PM

Can we buff top tree striker's super, please?

Tl;dr: Headstrong (increased leap distance while sprinting and doing fist of havoc). Grant more aftershocks per tier of terminal velocity and make it easier to reach the current max tier; for shits and giggles, add a more extreme tier 4, 5 and 6 that greatly increase the number of aftershocks after incredible heights. Add an indicator so you know how much of it is active like with roaring flames. Tl;Dr over. I think its time to update top tree striker again. The whole gimmick the super has is fine but I would really like them to make some improvements on it as it feels kind of dated. I would like it to get headstrong back. What headstrong did, is that it increased the leaping distance of fist of havoc when you sprinted and did the slam in mid air. This would be a useful tool in crucible as its only gap closing mechanic is to use the light attack, which consumes a large amount of energy and topping that off with a fist of havoc will lead to about 35-40% of your super being gone (it's likely more, but too lazy to check). I know it's not a PvP super, but it would still be a very nice improvement. Next would be to improve the effects of terminal velocity itself. I like the idea of smashing a goblin from space but it just feels too limiting. You pretty much never know how much of the perk you have active so the height requirement becomes problematic. It also limits the damage as well because you never really know how much of it you got active and so you will spend time, which also means super energy, climbing straight into the air for a slam. I would like them to take the current maximum level of terminal velocity and decrease the time (or height) you need to deal maximum damage. It's maximum potential damage is about the same as other supers, which is quite honestly disappointing and kind of unfair given the set up you need. But that's not all that I want. In exchange for making it easier to achieve maximum damage, I would like if a leap from much greater height continued to increase the damage. Let's set it up like this: Normal jump = 5 aftershocks. Jump and short lift = 10 aftershocks. Jump and max strafe height lift= 15 aftershocks. Rock, jump, lift = 20 aftershocks. Large cliff = 25 aftershocks. Large cliff, jump, lift = 30 aftershocks. Ok, the last one is pretty much just for shits and giggles, but you get the point. I want the lower tier of aftershocks to be more rewarding with a significantly higher potential cap to damage. That should be how it is...but it's pretty much just normal titan super damage right now. Some might see this as a problem in PvP, but it ALREADY fairly easily one shots supers if it works, but a ton of factors currently mess that up from time to time even when it should work. The tier one plus slam I believe already allows it to one shot currently, adding more just adds consistency and overkill damage for the most part. Considering the energy cost of this super, I'd say it's reasonable to a degree. I would also like if it gave an indicator like this: Terminal velocity x1 (tier 1) Terminal velocity x2 (tier 2) Etc. I really like top tree fist of havoc. It's easily the most satisfying super to use when you just wanna jam, but it's current potential feels too...average. With the recent change that allowed bottom tree striker to activate knock out in super, it's also getting thrown under the bus in terms of add clear and potential...even though bottom tree was already better because of the super regen, but still.

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