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10/24/2019 1:10:05 AM

Buff thundercrash.

Made plenty of these, I don't need to keep explaining why because most of you should all know why. The super does crap damage, it has virtually no neutral game outside of rng or exotics giving it one and I don't want to change the super regen. Buff the super's damage by 50% in pve. Increase the aftershocks that thundercrash leaves by 100 in pve%. Picking up ammo auto reloads the weapon in hand (removes the slide and Sprint requirement). Sliding over ammo grants a 20% weapon damage buff and getting a kill while the damage buff is active restores 8% melee energy (20% in crucible). Goal of this buff: I want to incentivize using code of the missile as this skill tree that focuses on high amounts of movement and to reward you for taking risks. Reason for the damage buff: The damage buff is just because it needs one as its overall significance now is...none. But, since the super regen is being left untouched, I want to keep the overall damage buff a bit lower so that it doesn't remove the purpose of using something like burning maul, which is entirely designed for damage. The aftershock buff is simply to help ward off targets that don't die by killing them if they were low or to keep off extra mobs that flood in afterwards. Reasons for changing inertia override: #1, to give thundercrash more of a neutral game. The problem I had with simply just adding in melee regen on ballistic slam kills or just sprinting for faster melee regen, is that it conflicts to a degree with inertia override itself. If you are given the ability to just spam the slam, you can't use inertia override which would render this perk pretty much useless outside of crucible. By tying it's regen directly to activating inertia override, you are given both a reason to use it and a much greater reward. I wish there was a way to get rid of the rng in ammo drops so that it was more consistently applicable...but this is the best option I can think of because of the next reason. #2, I don't want code of the missile to be nothing more than spam the melee the skill tree. I know that skullfort is laughing it's ass off in the back, but I don't want it to be the only option it has to regenerating it's melee, BUT I also don't want it to be as easily spammable. I want thundercrash to focus more on high movement and reward you specifically for that without it overstepping it's bounds. To play aggressively and recklessly until you die, but reward you consistently for doing that. The other options just...seem kind of against against this risk vs reward style skill tree and it makes it difficult for me to give anybody a reason to use inertia override in pve. #3, by removing the necessity to slide over ammo to reload your weapon, two very key factors come into play: You can ballistic slam and reload your weapon in hand automatically and you are given some flexibility in the high movement gameplay I want to highlight. It's hard to give an example of how exactly that will work, but just use sweet business as an example. It being able to reload on the move helps a lot and not being restricted to sliding over the ammo will allow the user to be more consistently available to fight. These are all ideas I highly doubt will happen, but let me know what you think.

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