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10/18/2019 8:33:14 PM

Can we buff top tree striker?

Ok, so I feel like top tree striker is a bit dated. Not the neutral game, because that's perfectly fine, but rather the super. This skill tree has seen some reworks, some buffs, some nerfs but it never really...feels like a great super. I feel like the biggest factor in that is how terminal velocity is applied. Terminal velocity doesn't just give you an increase to your power attacks damage, but rather it adds little shockwaves inside that increase damage. These cover the radius of the slam itself, but I feel like it should just be a part of the supers slam because it's not instant damage, it's like damage plus fast ticks of extra damage, which can sometimes push targets out of it on rare occasions. Next would be the height you have to be at to get this to activate. If you just jump and slam, you get a few aftershocks. If you jump and lift then you create more. This is fun to do, but rather impractical to maximize it. If the enemy can quake, you will actually get stuck in the slam animation even after hitting the ground. If you've ever used this skill tree on the reckoning bridge, you know exactly what I'm talking about. It's just...slow and clunky, which is fitting for titans, but I don't like it because it feels like a factor to limit it. The worst part about all of what I just explained is what happens when you don't. It's damage is so unbelievably bad. When I see people using this skill tree in pve and I don't see them jump, I actually want to punch them. The other day, saw a titan using it in the vex invasion and he legitimately took about 3 slams to kill a single one of minotaurs that drop the cranium. You can only fist of havoc a max total of 5 times, 1 on the initial (which doesn't create the big aftershocks) and 4 more if you leap and slam (cannot put out 4 if you just spam slam on the ground) so to take an average half of your supers duration to kill a single minotaur is terrible, but a high jump and slam would've likely killed it in 1-2. That's just how much stronger terminal velocity makes it. So, let me breakdown and specificy what it is exactly that I would like to change: Move the damage the shockwaves would deal directly to the slam itself. Decrease the height/time you need to stay in the air to maximize damage. Increase the base damage of the slam by about 25% so that it's still somewhat reliable for damage on the ground. I know that striker is designed to be add clear so damage seems strange to suggest, but as enemies get harder and harder to kill, top tree striker needs more height to kill them. It's a fun mechanic, don't get me wrong, it's just obnoxious to work around that in times where speed is so important. If you have any suggestions, or ideas, feel free to share them.

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