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How to get cheaters banned by Microsoft, cause Bungie ain't doing anything...

PVP being 90% of my playtime, I play a lot of competitive matches. I am for sure not a god player, but I can win my 1v1's and join the teamplay. Love this game mode, the sad thing is...there are way too many cheaters playing it...which ruins the fun for most of us. o There is too much lag going on..either bad connections or cheaters using lagwswitches o Out of 10 matches..there are about 2/3 matches where you end up 3v4 or even worse 2v4..again cheaters using DDOS attacks to their advantage. I am sure you know how it enter a match and everything seems lose or win..fine with that. But then you enter another match and it feels like your controller is hanging or you are getting killed by a one burst (maybe someone pressing the button on the lagswitch so he can fire at you while your animation hangs?). Bungie network tools to fight cheaters?? Well...I play this game since launch of D1, were bungie not long after the launch also announced they had some proper networking tools to fight cheaters. I can tell you...these tools never worked...same as the in game reporting tool (its more a psychological move to make you think they will do something about it). Lets be real...did you ever get feedback from bungie about reporting a cheater (like microsoft does). No, and you can proof they didnt take any actions as you lookup that cheater days or weeks after reporting and he is still cheating. [b]Is there nothing we can do against cheaters? Yes...we can (I only know obama from tv)[/b] [b]When you think a player is cheating, do the following and do it consistent every time you are suspecting cheating. [/b] o after the game ended, press you dpad up to see the last match or go to to view the last matches and locate the opponents o hover over the name, press A > view gamercard> report/block>report>cheating> add comment (mention if you suspect being ddos'ed or someone from your fireteam or severe lag)> ok (report sent) [b]How do I know who ddos'ed me?[/b] o go to o see your most recent match and click on it to see who the oppenents were o duplicate your browser tab and start filling in the player with the top score of the team and continue till you have analyzed all of them o start checking their match history and if you see one player's history show 1 or more players of the opposite team being booted in multiple matches., you can be 100% sure he is the one using DDOS attacks. Don't give up if you don't hear any feedback from microsoft after having filed many reports. Trust will get it. Why am I doing this? Well...why are cheaters cheating and having fun doing it? I am having fun getting cheaters banned, cause they deserve it. If you wonder what kind of message you might expect from Microsoft: [b]Thanks for helping make Xbox Live safer for everyone! We took action on one or more of the recent complaints you filed.[/b]

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