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Who I Was, and Why I Kept Her Name. (FanFiction)

[i]What's this? Ghost, where did you find this... page? You don't know? Guess it's worth the read, but do let me know if you can recall anything of importance. ~ The following is from the journal of the Warlock Apheyra. She has yet to let anyone, even her Ghost, read it.[/i] [b]*************************************************************************************[/b] A month ago, this journal was owned by a simple Awoken known as Apheyra. I myself have only heard stories of who she was. Brave, confident, happy, “an example for us all”. But Apheyra is long dead, and I am the one who was born to wear her face. All that she ever was and will be lies within this journal. I suppose it’s my duty to keep writing in its pages. I didn’t ask for this, but at the same time I wouldn’t give it back. Does this make me selfish? Perhaps, but if my past self has any resentment towards my choices, I will never know. ~ [i](Date unknown.)[/i] I had never seen the Traveller before. It’s not what I expected. For something that has significant power over the dead, I thought it would do something, anything. It just floats there, almost like a taunt. “I’m so high and mighty, serve me and expect nothing in return!” But that’s not true I guess, as it did give me something called “The Light”, which apparently makes me immortal. Haven’t tried it yet, for all I know it’s just some hoax, some easy way to trick the unwary into killing themselves. Thing is, I don’t believe that either. It’s hard for me to believe anything right now, because I don’t [i]remember[/i] anything. My ‘Ghost’ said it’s natural, that no Guardian ever remembers who they are after their “rebirth.” They don’t even know their name, but I’m apparently a rare exception, as Apheyra had friends by her side when she died. What exactly happened is still cloudy, as all I can remember is that we were running from something. The others still haven’t told me what it was, and I don’t think they ever will. Shera’s gone. She went into the forest, didn’t come back. Brendal stayed at camp, something about not wanting to return, so he can’t tell me. That leaves Biocatarus. Truth be told, he creeps me out. Not in the dangerous sort of way, but the kind in which a person’s so… distant... that it’s unnerving. He can’t look me in the eyes, ever (Not that I can see his, as he wears some stupid plate-thing that covers them). It got worse today. Once we arrived at the “Last City”, the first thing he did was take me from household to household, always telling me to wait outside. Every time he came back out, well, it wasn’t pretty. Robots don’t cry, but I think he wanted to. The last house was the worst of them all. That time, he let me come inside, but only after making me promise to remain silent, no matter what. I didn’t think anything of it at first. I should have realized what was happening. It was a small place that had an even smaller family. They were strange, their eyes brilliant and cold. They looked like me, and I soon understood why. One of the younger ones, a child, ran up to my leg and hugged tightly. He said “I’ve missed you so much, sister.” Sister… they were [i]her[/i] family. BC silently accepted words of pure anger from one of them, she might have been my mother, and all the while the others just [i]stared[/i] at me. They didn’t say anything, and neither did I. I felt like an intruder in a sacred temple, I didn’t belong. Their Apheyra was gone. [i]They knew I wasn’t her[/i]. After a while, BC grew tired of the insults that her mother screamed, so he broke his silence and said that it was time for us to go. As I left, I heard the young boy begin to cry. The others had told him that I was leaving again, and that this time I wouldn’t be coming back. I still don’t even know his name. ... So why did I keep her name? Apheyra. There is power in a name, and I now know Apheyra was loved dearly by both her family, and all those that had the luck to meet her. Someday, I want to be beloved as she was, a rekindling of her memory instead of the stranger I find myself as now. Deep down within me [i]is[/i] her, and it makes little sense to run from one’s own history. It [i]should[/i] be embraced, so that the future can grow better than the past. I only wish that BC would learn this, as I have. I fear that he has no care for [i]his[/i] own future. He’s like a puppet, with no will of his own, forever dancing to a tuneless song. If he is willing to help me become more than the shell I am now, then I shall do the same for him. [b]Next Entry[/b]: [b]Lore Book[/b]:

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