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The God-Wave

The God-Wave was the massive tidal force that Aurash thought would wipe out every civilization on the Fundament due to it’s 52 moons aligning in a syzygy, and was a major point in the Krill/Hive’s distain for the Traveler due to the fact that they thought it was the driving force behind this syzygy. There was never any evidence that a God-Wave was ever produced, save for reports from the Worm Gods, and Aurash-who-is-Oryx never actually bothered to return to the Fundament and find out what happened with it. It seems obvious that the Worm Gods played on Aurash’s fears and manipulated her into starting the Hive dynasty all while pining the syzygy on the Traveler to have it eliminated, which leads one to question if a God-Wave was ever produced to begin with. Now, this isn’t exactly the point of the post though, just a little preface that this isn’t the God-Wave I’ll be referring from here on. The God-Wave that I’ll be talking about is the one the Traveler produced when it broke free from Ghaul’s prison, that massive wave of Light which spread across Sol in seconds. There’s no official title for what that was called, but God-Wave feels much more appropriate in this context than what might’ve happened on the Fundament. So if you remember, it was said once or twice that the God-Wave the Traveler produced changed everything it touched (which for all intents and purposes, was the entire Milky Way Galaxy outward), but it hasn’t been brought up all too much in the lore since. One major change that the God-Wave had was that it melted the Martian icecaps in only a few months, but that’s about all we know of for sure. One odd occurrence that might be connected to the God-Wave is the Trapper’s Cave lost sector in the Tangled Shore, where an entire cavern was filled with a lush plant life and a running water system in the internals of an asteroid. Its hard to tell the atmospheric conditions of the rest of the Tangled Shore and whether or not the medium there is oxygen rich, but based on the drastic lack of vegetation anywhere outside Trapper’s Cave (save for the Etheric Spiral, but that’s probably heavily ether based, and some scares grass patches here and there), its probably safe to assume that conditions aren’t ideal for life there. In both these cases, the Light of the God-Wave took incredibly hostile environments and made them hospitable for life, which gives a really good scope into the Traveler’s terraformational capabilities. The God-Wave, although massive in radius, was a thin band of Light that passed over entire planets in mere moments. The amount of time it would’ve spent on Mars' icecaps would’ve only been a few seconds, even less with the Tangled Shore, yet it’s presence caused major climate change and spontaneous atmospheric reformations in incredibly desolate areas. That being said, all this begs the question, what’s it going to do to the Dreadnaught? The Dreadnaught is basically the most hostile location in Sol. Its a festering Warship carved from the husk of a dead god of darkness, filled to the brim with undying monstrosities and torture pits all while sharing the same space as a piece of what is essentially hell inverted into our reality. Everything about it screams death, so what happened when the pure essence of life and rejuvenation whisks across it’s shape? What did the God-Wave change about the Dreadnaught? Can we expect a lush garden to be growing in the court of Oryx? Will the Light have some strange effect on the Hive or Larvae of the ship? Or the ship itself for that matter? A large majority of the Dreadnaught is organic, either from Akka’s husk or the chitin Oryx made from grounded-up prisoners (on a somewhat related note, the most plant life outside the Trapper's Cave in the Tangled Shore is at the Jetsam of Saturn outside the crashed Tombship. Just a thought). There’s a myriad of things that can happening to the Dreadnaught right now, and I feel like the Vanguard should be more on top of that. I get not being able to secure territory in enemy terrain directly after the Red War was concluded, but its been over a year. Surely someone should’ve gotten back out there and found something. Now, I have one final question; what about the rest of the Milky Way Galaxy? If everything that the God-Wave’s Light touched was changed, then there’d be a lot of change going on right about now. There are around 100 Billion planets in the Milky Way, 40 Billion of which that possibly exist within the habitable zone around their star (11 Billion of which have stars similar to Sol) and likely trillions upon trillions of other celestial bodies and varying sized space debris that are all scattered about. Regardless of whether they’re in the habitable zone of their stars, all these planets/planetoids will become host to some form of life, whether microbial or just simple plant life, but for the ones that are already capable of sustaining life, the God-Wave will likely spark some spontaneous evolutionary jump from single cell to multi cell life or animal to primitive thinker. Either way, enormous steps in their evolutionary path. The God-Wave has the potential to be the most game changing event to ever take place in Destiny since the first God-Wave kicked off the Hive dynasty. Having had life breathed into an entire galaxy (and beyond), the Universe’s population, which thanks to the Osmium family is very lacking, could see a complete renewal and have a major boom in civilizations all because Ghaul’s ambitions got the best of him. Kind of funny when you think about it. On a more sorrowful note, or uplifting one given your point of view, if the God-Wave spawned some sort of galactic renaissance, that means the Traveler has work in the immediate celestial neighborhood. Humanity would likely lose the blessing of the Light as it went off to go elevate some other developing civilization, and that could be the end of the Guardians. Sure, it was bound to happen one way or another eventually, but the loss of the Great Machine… its not one that comes easy. It leaves a hole in it’s absence. Remember that, Guardian.
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