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You See Those Primeval Envoys in Gambit?

You should probably assume from that yellow bar that they’re important in fighting the Primeval. That’s because they are. Before you pop your Supers at Primeval Slayer x1, before you focus DPS on the Primeval, you should probably take out the ads and then [i]both[/i] Primeval Envoys. Why, you ask? [b]BECAUSE IF YOU KILL THE DAMN ENVOYS, THE PRIMEVAL BECOMES WEAKER, WHICH LETS YOU KILL THE PRIMEVAL IN LESS TIME. NOT ONLY DOES IT MAKE IT WEAKER, IT ALSO MAKES RETURNING FIRE MUCH EASIER TO HANDLE, [i]AND GIVES YOU A F[u]U[/u]CKING CHANCE AT KILLING YOUR BOSS BEFORE THE OTHER TEAM[/i]. EVERY SINGLE MATCH I LOSE, IT’S BECAUSE MY TEAM DOESN’T FIRE A SINGLE BULLET AT THE ENVOYS AND POPS THEIR SUPERS BEFORE THEY EVEN GET THE PRIMEVAL SLAYER MULTIPLIER. THEN, I GET TOXIC DMs ON PSN FROM MY TEAMMATES BLAMING ME FOR THE LOSS, TELLING ME TO “KILL MYSELF” AND THAT THEY “R[i]A[/i]PED MY MOTHER”. HOW THE HELL DO PEOPLE SO BRAIN DEAD GET TO 520 LIGHT AND ABOVE, AND DO THESE THINGS OVER AND OVER AND OVER? IF YOU DON’T ENTER GAMBIT WITH A FULL FIRETEAM, THERE’S NO AVOIDING THESE 23 YEAR-OLD MANCHILDREN, WHO ENTER THE FIRETEAM VOICECHAT AND BLAST 6IX9INE UNTIL SOMEBODY’S HEADSET BREAKS. THERE’S ALMOST NO SURVIVING AS A SOLO PLAYER IN THE GAMBIT LOBBY! WHY CAN’T I EVER HAVE A TEAM THAT BANKS THEIR MOTES WHEN THEY HAVE ENOUGH TO SUMMON A PRIMEVAL? WHY DO I ALWAYS GET THAT ONE 12 YEAR-OLD NINJA FAN THAT WAITS BY THE PORTAL THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE GAME SO HE CAN GET A “DESTINY DAILY PVP MONTAGE VIDEO” SUBMITTED TO DPJ OR A FORTNITE CHANNEL FOR SOME REASON? WHY DO THESE PEOPLE BURN THEIR SUPERS BEFORE THE PRIMEVAL SLAYER MULTIPLIER IS HIGH ENOUGH, AND DON’T EVEN BOTHER TO USE THEM ON ADS? [i][u]WHY DON’T THEY KILL THE PRIMEVAL ENVOYS FIRST BEFORE ATTACKING THE BOSS?!?![/u][/i] I WANT TO ENJOY GAMBIT—BUT THERE ARE TOO MANY OF THESE PEOPLE TO NOT MAKE IT ONE OF THE MOST FRUSTRATING EXPERIENCES I’VE HAD IN MULTIPLAYER IN DESTINY.[/b] Anyway, I hope this helps everybody out, and makes Gambit a better and more enjoyable experience for everyone. Completing Gambit bounties are also a good way to complete the weekly Milestone for Ikora Rey and grind legendary gear. Also, be sure to drop by the Dreaming City and pick up the daily bounties; most of them are pretty easy to complete, and are a good way to complete the 8-Bounty pursuit from Petra Venj. [b]Edit 1:[/b] I woke up about an hour ago to over 137 notifications and 92 likes! “This is amazing!” Thank you for the support. I hope this brings greater awareness about current issues in the game, and provides a platform for discussion of these issues. Also, a user named vigilantsn0wman brought up another [url=]notable issue[/url] in Gambit. [b]Edit 2:[/b] This post is sitting on top of trending with 110 likes and 244 comments! It’s honestly pretty incredible, and I thank everyone again for the support this thread has received. Please let everyone know about the strategies and mechanics in Gambit, and help somebody out if they don’t know too much about it and want to know more. If enough of that goes around, Gambit will be a much better experience for it. Thanks again. :) By the way, someone needs to give [url=]SpicyCurryO_O[/url] a medal. [b]Edit 3:[/b] As of this update, this post currently has 205 likes and 360 comments... I know it sounds cliché, but it’s becoming ever-more incredible to see the amount of support this thread has received. Thanks again to everyone in the forums who made this possible. Happy hunting, everyone. :)

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