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7/10/2018 4:09:42 PM

How solo players can set up Escalation Protocol.

<---- Please upvote this so other players can see this and hopefully can get this done themselves. I have over 130 clears so i just thought i should share how i get teams together or land in with other teams since a lot of players haven't done it yet. There are two ways... The Lazy Way: 1). Go to Glacial Drift on Mars. 2). Look to see if there's players around. 3). Go to your roster and look at their clan tags. If they're same clan and are in different fireteams then they are most likely to start up Escalation Protocol so stick around. 4). If they are in different clans and different fireteams but are close and dancing with each other, then they "might" be friends setting up Escalation Protocol so stick around. 5). If done of that seems to be happening, fast travel to the same location. (alone of course, don't have anyone else in your fireteam.) 6). When you load in for the first time or after fast traveling there again, stick around because you might get a message from someone there asking for your fireteam. Just put your fireteam on Public so peope can join on you. 7). If that happens, don't make any of them the leader, just in case they're diicks and kick you. That is the lazy way, i do that sometimes and sometimes you might spawn in to do something else that one of the above will happen, it's happened for me more than once. The Effort Way But Better Way: 1). Go to Glacial Drift on Mars. 2). Look on your roster to find players. 3). Send them a message along the lines of "Hey, do you want help getting the Escalation Protocol Shotgun?" if you say it something like that, the message comes off in a nice and friendly way so you'd be most likely to get a reply, sometimes i come across really nice players who'd say no but let me have their fireteam. 4). If they say yes, send them a party invite. 5). Get up to 3 or 4 fireteams, 4 fireteams aren't needed at all but are handy just in case you lose 1 fireteam, it's happened many times. 6). Explain how to farm the final boss to them. If you yourself don't know it, i will post how to do it at the bottom of this post. 7). Ask them if they have friends or clanmates they'd like to invite to play it. 8). Now if you are missing a few people, go onto and post something like "Message on PSN/Xbox for an invite, know how to farm, we have three fireteams" and once they see you have three fireteams, expect your inbox to be spammed. 9). Also try to have void weapons and supers because of Tractor Cannon, when the boss gets hit with it, they take 50% more damage from anything void. 7). Having an ark energy weapon is fine because it's good for getting rid of ark shielded knights but void will still be more useful. 8). The best subclasses to use are Nova Bomb for bosses. Hammers with melting point for Bosses. Nightstalker for Hunters for ads and to make orbs, TRY NOT to tether the boss because that cancels out other buffs. Other buffs are better since tether does not buff heavy damage. 9). (If you're farming) MAKE SURE you have one person picked who starts up level 6 and 7 because if different people start those levels up, you will go back to level 1 and that's a pain to go back through all the levels again. I was gonna post this a few weeks ago but i decided today would be the best day since reset is soon and the next boss is the easiest to farm. Plus all weapons will drop at what i believe is a 1.3% chance each. TIPS: * When you're doing Escalation Protocol and you see heavy in where the final boss battle will be, don't pick that up in the lower levels of Escalation Protocol because you want as much easy there as possible for the final boss. Go around to other areas you fought to pick up bricks from there. * On level 3 boss, don't use supers or heavy on the boss, use the sword the knight drops to kill the boss. * If you need to go to the tower or change characters, make sure you're not fireteam leader, promote someone else to leader before you leave. * If you need to go to Anna Bray, make sure not everyone from your fireteam goes there as you will lose a fireteam. * If people are changing characters, going to the tower or visiting Anna Bray make sure there's a minimum of 6 guardians in the patrol zone so randoms don't start spawning in. * If you have friends who live nearish to you (I'm from Ireland and a clanmate is from England) you two fast travel to the same location and there's a high chance of you two spawning together, it's how i get teams sometimes. (probably a little faster) * During the Warsat public event while Escalation Protocol is active. Use the Valkyrie's to attack the Escalation Protocol bosses and then when the Public Event boss spawns in, use all 3 Valkyrie's to attack that boss. You will have more than enough firepower to kill that boss so no supers and heavy is needed to be used, it'll be a waste. HOW TO FARM: I'm sure you know how the same person has to start up level 6 and 7 over and over so what you need to do is attack the boss till is health is very slow, once there's about an inch or and an inch and a half left of his health (assuming you have enough time left), stop using heavy and supers on him and just take his health down with primary and secondary weapons until there's very little health left, maybe half a cm of health. Have a player with Tractor Cannon really to boop him at around 3 to 2 seconds left, warlocks then nova him at 1 second from a not too close of a distance and the nova should hit him at 0 seconds (have players with EP Shotgun on standby just in case.) the shaders and a possible weapon will drop (YOU WILL NOT GET THE CHEST) the game sees that you killed the boss but also failed. If done correctly, get that player who started up at level 6 and 7 to start it up quickly and if done right, it would say level 6. Just do that over and over. I may or may not have made some grammar mistakes or explained curtain things poorly, if i did just let me know where and i will fix that. If you have any questions about what i just said or anything i will try and answer you. I really hope this helps some of you who can't put a team together, i am a solo player and this is how i do it. And trust me, that shotgun is worth the effort, it literally melts bosses.

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