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Lots of Unnecessary Hate, Here's My Intake

I like the game and I find it extremely fun and interesting to play. It isnt as addicting as Overwatch or Starcraft 2 or WoW but its still a respectable and fun game. However, I cant find myself really enjoying the game much now after over 100 hours but it still gave me well over 100 hours of extremely fun and enjoyable gameplay. Others say it feels hollow and empty though and I must agree with them, even after the DLC Osiris I still found the game lacking immensely in content, sociability, and entertainment in the long run. From top being most important to bottom here is what I feel really makes the game feel empty and hollow. There is not nearly enough maps for PvP. I found myself doing the same map over and over and over and over and though I dont mind this, there is just way too few maps. Especially for Competitive and the PvP system is not very well explained at all. Though I personally just researched it. Social features are seriously lacking, I considered putting this at top. Nobody ever joins team chat, not even on competitive sometimes people dont even join there. It's very dissuading, nobody ever communicates with each other and this is due to Destiny 2 automatically disabling voice chat for some odd reason. The clan system in one word: Sucks. The biggest thing about games like this is two things: PvP and social features and both were not done very well. PVE has no real LFG system, especially for higher level ones like Nightfall and Leviathan. And this makes it even worse with the clan system being completely terrible and nobody every communicating with one another. Here is what I think can be done to fix it: First of all, automatically turn on voice chat for everyone and make voice chat more clear and easier to use. And giving us the option to enter world voice chat to communicate with each other in the world would also be nice. There is absolutely and utterly NO communication with one another in the world, no talking, no nothing, and this by far is the worse problem considering this is an MMO and there is so many features where we can play around with one another through emotes and stuff but cant communicate. I feel like many things in the game were half done but the communication features were just practically non-existent. For a 100 dollar game with DLC tarried as an MMO, this is just unacceptable. Make more PvP maps. This for me in the first hour of playing PvP when I played the same map immediately twice, I knew this game was lacking maps. Make an actual clan system not limited to 100 people. Allow people to bunch up, dont force us to use discord and shit (which is dead too.) because frankly coupled with the lack of communication, this just makes finding others to play with practically impossible. I mean for crying out loud, I am playing this game with others I found on Steam in totally different games like Killing Floor 2 because the communication in this game is just atrocious. Honestly, though I did enjoy this game for the 100 hours played, and I do enjoy playing it from time to time, I can understand some of the hate for this game. If I had the choice to refund this game, I wouldnt though because I see potential in it. However, while the devs are focusing on adding more PVE and more grinding to the game, they're not even considering on bothering to fix the actual problems in the game and I just feel like management for this game needs to be fired and someone with actual brains needs to run the development team. I can tell they are trying to fix the game and improve it but they are devoting time and resources on the wrong things and frankly just not devoting enough time and resources to begin with and this is obviously management to blame. Simple things like automatically turning on voice chat for everyone, adding world voice chat where we can communicate with others next to each other, and improving the clan system can add a refreshing amount of replayability to it. No matter what, we all know one thing can keep us playing a game that can get stale: Thats friends to play with.

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