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The potential future of micro transactions

Alright, I'm going to start off by saying a few things 1)I'm human, I make mistakes so don't be a dick and say "your argument is invalid because you misused and/or miss spelt [insert word here] 2)this is all speculation, this might happen, it might not 3) I haven't spent any silver or bought any silver, not even the free 400 So I was thinking about destiny's micro transactions and how far they have gone over the line and how far they will continue to go. Remeber way back when bungie said that there won't be micro transactions in destiny? Ya so do I. So if you don't know how micro transactions in destiny started or forgot then let me tell you. Some time ago bungie introduced this thing called the ever verse trading company (or something like that) and with it came micro transactions, these micro transactions were promised to stay as cosmetic items and emotes. At the start they were just emotes, which was fine. It didn't affect the game play at all, kind of made it better in fact, when someone had a fail you could do the slow clap or any other emote. Then came the halloween update, still only cosmetic, the masks that you could buy had a 0 defence stat so if you used them in combat it actually hurt you, thus, not P2W. Then came the sparrow racing. In the sparrow racing you could buy the book thing that would give you armor that could be infused (I think it could correct me if ik wrong) and it could also give you sparrows that were pretty much just cooler looking reskins. So it was still technically cosmetic so still technically fine. But then came the most recent update to the game, the April update. Those boxes that can give you armor that is still technically cosmetic can be earned in the game at 3 boxes per week. Now this armor I know for a fact can be infused and while it is still technically cosmetic it could be argued that this is getting into the P2W area. Think about this, why do you do the raid? To get to the highest level right? Well what happens when you get to the level cap? If you keep playing then why do you keep playing and going for other armor sets? Because they look cool, the real objective of destiny is either to get to max level on all 3 classes or to get to max level then get the coolest looking armor and weapons, now getting the coolest armor is certainly a secondary objective so if that's not what you want to do then this is still dangerously close to P2W. Now think about this, bungie is slowly going towards P2W, first with emotes, then with the sparrows and sparrow gear, now with the taken armor. Also why would bungie make it so when you infuse it goes right to what the other item was, so you could easily infuse the armor that you got out of the box. Now yes the infusion was also complained about but since bungie wants to maximize your play time it wouldn't make sense that they would add the new infusion thing unless they had another reason. Now onto what will most likely happen. In order to prove my point I will talk about COD BO3, so BO3 started the sane way destiny did, no micro transactions. And like destiny they said that the supply drops (one of the things you spend micro transactions on) would be purely cosmetic. And at the start it was, even when the bo3 micro transactions first came out (they are called cod points) then Treyarch added melee weapons to supply drops, and the melee weapons were just reskins of the knife but it wasn't to long before they started to add guns to the supply drops. And the guns in the supply drops are better than the normal guns in the base game. Now BO3 and Destiny have the same argument, that the items in the supply drops and the items in the boxes I'm Destiny can both be earned legit. That is true but unless you spend a ton of time playing the game then you can't get them, it's impossible. Now the likely out come of destiny micro transactions is that bungie will try 310 armor at first, them 320, then 335 and since they increased the drop rate the argument will be that it's easy to get the armor. If bungie gets away with the 335 armor then they will try 3 attack weapons that can only be earned through the boxes, then if that works they will try 310, 320, then 335. And you can say all you want "Bungie wouldn't do that, they said that they would keep it all cosmetic" ya but bungie also said that they wouldn't add micro transactions, and I hate to break it to you but it's not bungie's call for what they can and cannot sell, it's Activision's, and if you need proof of companies owned by activision going against what they said look above for when I talked about Black Ops 3 If you made it this far thanks for reading, I hope you have a good day and I hope it doesn't come to this

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