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Alternate Oryx fight mechanics.

I decided to share some thoughts i had on possible mechanics that could of been employed in the raid at oryx. Instead of 1 aura of immortality i would of liked to have seen 2 aura's required, those belonging to the deathsingers, each aura would be acquired in the same manner as the current aura with the platform order changing randomly after the first and the 2 vessel's spawning at each end of the arena. (Neither aura offers immortality) The ogre mechanics and corrupted light's remain unchanged however only normal hive enemies spawn onto the map. After a period of time long enough to have both aura's Oryx "bathes the arena in darkness' for 5 seconds, this will have 2 effects, firstly any Hive still alive on the map will be replaced with Taken enemies and 2nd any guardian not inside an aura will have there super drained and then their health/shields if no super remains. Oryx will then be exposed to damage for 20 seconds before repeating the same step 4 times however in order to do damage a further buff is required Instead of the corrupted light's being detonated the guardian holding the Aura of Unravelling must stand near them for a little while at which point he gains 'Unwoven light x10' per each light he unravels. The Aura of Unravelling must then be overlapped with the Aura of Weaving during which point the unwoven light buff is drained and the guardian holding the Aura of Weaving gains a 'Reclaimed Light' buff. THIS buff then in-turn looses 1 power per second per guardian inside the aura. (The 2 guardians holding the aura's are excluded). Guardians can only do damage to Oryx while he is exposed and they are benefiting from this buff. (This means you can wait until the aura's have gathered all the light and do DPS with all 4 for 10 seconds or you can have one guardian DPS oryx over 40 seconds) Adds continue to spawn the entire time and need to be controlled lest large number of taken enemy's begin causing trouble, after the final time the arena is 'Bathed in darkness' oryx returns to the front and the mechanics remain unchanged with everything above repeating 5-6 times or oryx dies same as it does now. --Hard Mode Changes-- Each time a vessel dies a hallowed night spawns at a random location on the map and acts the same as the current hard mode knights, re-spawning at a new location each time they are killed. Upon claiming a corrupted light he becomes a Taken hallowed knight with a shield. (This means there would only ever be 2 on the map but they re-spawn and must be found not predicted) Each time an aura expires at the end of a 'combat phase' the holder gets 'Deathsingers Taint x20', this debuff would reduce max shield by 1% per stack and decay at a rate fast enough to require TWO combat phases to disappear entirely meaning if the same person ran aura's each time the shield de-buff would continue to stack by about 10% or so making them more vulnerable to death.

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