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Code of Conduct Explanations

[b] Code of Conduct (the long version)[/b] This Code of Conduct ("CoC") and the [url=]Terms of Use[/url] ("ToU") apply to all parts of the website, including private groups and private messages. As the owner of, Bungie has the right to remove you and/or any content you post from this website for any reason or no reason, in its own discretion. The moderating team may occasionally update the CoC or other guidelines, so we advise that you periodically review the CoC and pinned threads to stay up to date. Generally, the administrative and moderating teams will remove any user who is deemed to be violating's ethos of "play nice, don't be a jerk, and be excellent to each other." The following annotated CoC provides a more comprehensive guide to inform you about the types of posts that are most likely to result in you and/or content you post being removed from Note, however, that this CoC is not exhaustive and does not grant any rights to users (see the ToU for more information). Therefore, users and content may be removed for any reason even if not listed here. Users are encouraged to use good judgment, exercise restraint and discretion, and keep's "play nice, don't be a jerk, and be excellent to each other" ethos in mind when posting on [b][u]Stuff That Rocks[/b][/u] [b]1. Treating everyone with respect. 2. Making online friends. 3. Talking about stuff you're interested in. 4. Sharing the cool stuff you create. 5. Planning time to play with cool people. 6. Creating and Joining Private Groups. 7. Taking responsibility for your own actions.[/b] [b][u]Stuff That Sucks[/b][/u] [b]1. Personal attacks, harassment, or violations of privacy.[/b] [u]What is a personal attack?[/u] [spoiler]A personal attack is any negative statement or insult about the character, traits, nature, qualities, or abilities of another user on, especially when it is an attack upon the person rather than the merits of his or her post. While it is permissible (subject to this CoC) to disagree or debate the content of another person's post, be cautious that you do not cross the line into attacking the person who posted it. Similarly, if someone is attacking only the merits of your post, even harshly, try to avoid taking it as a personal attack or responding with personal attacks.[/spoiler] [u]What is harassment?[/u] [spoiler]'s moderating team may judge that a user is engaging in harassment if that user is seen attempting to make an unwelcoming, uncomfortable, or hostile environment for another specific user or group of users. Harassment may include a variety of conduct, but often involves multiple replies to posts by the targeted victim(s) or "calls to action" by the harasser trying to cause others to participate in the harassment. Harassment often includes, but is not limited to, repeated personal attacks, threats of violence/hacking/doxxing/swatting (or other negative action) against another user, accusations of cheating/hacking/other illegal activity, thread derailment attempts, suggestive or sexually explicit language, or other disrespectful posts. To be clear, harassment is prohibited [i]even if you feel the other person deserves it[/i]. For this reason, "naming and shaming" suspected cheaters/hackers, "counter-trolling," and attempts to "expose" users that are lying about themselves may all constitute prohibited harassment and result in your removal from this website. Users that attempt to make a hostile or unwelcoming environment for any other user will not be tolerated. If another user offends, annoys, or irritates you, the only appropriate course of action is to ignore him or her, or (if they are violating the CoC) report him or her to the moderating team.[/spoiler] [u]What is a violation of privacy?[/u] [spoiler]A violation of privacy occurs anytime a user publicly exposes information or content about another user without his or her consent. This does not include information readily available by looking at a user's public-facing profile (such as gamertags, basic game stats, profile information and links, etc.) but can include information that is not readily available such as real name, photograph, address, phone number, employer, school, or other personal information (including highly sensitive information such as tax ID or credit card numbers). A user is NOT deemed to consent to having his or her private information posted by you just because he or she posted it previously. In other words, even if the user has already posted private information about himself or herself (such as a picture) on's public forums, you may still be deemed to be violating that user's privacy if you repost it without explicit permission. Use caution and common sense before posting any nonpublic information about another user.[/spoiler] [b]2. Disrespect based on race, creed, gender, orientation, disability, or for any other reason.[/b] [u]What is disrespect?[/u] [spoiler]Disrespect includes any post intended to disparage, insult, debase, degrade, demean, or discredit another specific user or group of people. Disrespect is never permissible when based on another user or group of people's race (including nationality), creed (including religion, lack of religion, or spiritual beliefs), gender (including gender identity), sexual orientation, or disability (including mental handicaps). Disrespect for any other reason may result in a ban. On, "disrespect" also includes all racist, sexist, ethnic, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, or disability-related slurs, pejorative nicknames, and slang. Attempts to circumvent this rule through the use of abbreviations, inferences, or references will be treated as severely as direct violations. Please note that in order to ensure that remains a friendly, welcoming place for all users, the moderating team interprets this rule broadly. Please use caution before posting negatively about other users or groups of people based on anything other than the merits of their individual words or actions.[/spoiler] [b]3. Depiction or description of gory violence or explicit sexuality.[/b] [u]What constitutes gory violence?[/u] [spoiler]"Gory violence" includes any content (especially images and media) that contains, depicts, or describes in detail any actual incident of violence against a person or animal resulting in death, severe bloodshed, dismemberment, tissue loss, brain damage, or other traumatic injury, including, but not limited to: violent or otherwise non-natural deaths, severe injuries, r­ape, torture, invasive surgery, autopsies, mutilation, or other similar incidents. In general, fake or reenacted violence for purposes of entertainment, such as in video games, movies, stage, and television, will not constitute gory violence.[/spoiler] [u]What constitutes explicit sexuality?[/u] [spoiler]"Explicit sexuality" includes any content that contains, depicts, or vividly describes in detail pornography, nudity, or near-nudity in a sexual manner. Please note that the moderation team considers sex to be generally an inappropriate subject of discussion on the website, and as a result, this rule is interpreted broadly by the moderation team.[/spoiler] [b]4. Breaking the law, plotting, or describing illegal activities.[/b] [u]What consitutes illegal activities?[/u] [spoiler]Illegal activities includes all conduct prohibited by law in the United States and/or in the jurisdiction where you live. Note that this is inclusive, meaning that even if conduct is legal where you live, but prohibited in the United States, it is still prohibited for you to discuss on Please note that discussion of illegal activities on may be reported to law enforcement authorities, in Bungie's sole discretion.[/spoiler] [u]How old do I have to be to use[/u] [spoiler]The Terms of Use requires you to be at least 13 years old to use this website. Users under the age of 13 will be banned.[/spoiler]

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