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Alliance: Shadow Wolf

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Mission Statement

This is a Guild that will be on Destiny the game we will need Rangers to explore the wild find weapons and other loot and help other fellow guardians do the same. We will need Historians to remember how to get pass every mission, know where all loot found by our guild is located, and be able to share it with our Guild. We will need PVP experts for obvious reasons. We will need to have fun and be mature. Most importantly we will need each other because alone we are strong together we are stronger. In this Guild we WILL be friends and know each other there will be promotions and demotions we will earn our respect and build our legacy. This is primarily a PS4 Guild however, if Any other system wants to join we can I have all except X1 the leaders of tht system Guild can be connected on here or through the systems. Join and let's make our mark together!!!


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  • #Destiny
  • #fun
  • #mature
  • #ps4
  • #organized
  • #Longevity

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