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Alliance: Kurultai of Guardians

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Brotherhood of Wanderers [BOW]

"I am a leaf in the wind"

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[b]THEME:[/b] [b]PURPOSE:[/b]The Brotherhood of Wanderers is a clan that was formed a group that met randomly through beta strike mission and formed a bond. Brotherhood of Wanderers is a rapidly growing clan that desires to create an organized yet fun clan experience where everyone feels that they are not neglected and as if they contribute to the clan as a whole. We here at the Brotherhood take part in both PvE and PvP and are not bothered if you prefer to play only PvE only, PvP only, or both. We are open to all forms of gameplay as long as you are respectful to members in the clan and others around you that might not be apart of the clan/group. If interested just apply for the group and join the Playstation clan after introducing yourself on in the proper thread. [b]MOTTO:[/b] I know not where I'm going, Nor from whence I came, I only know that I'm going, And nothing e'er will be the same.


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