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DeathKnights [DKoD]

"We Bow Down Before No Man!!"

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    -Clan Leader- -TheTrueGhostt -Clan Officers/Recruiters- -Wounded Hobbit -Lady x Cujo -RumplySumo -HandFulls -Fatallitty So basically outside the Crucible, we are here to be a clan that helps each other progress through the game using teamwork and communication, you need help?ask and help will come. No matter if it's something smallest of tasks to the biggest of bosses. But inside the crucible that's where your true skill will need to show as we don't accept losses. we will occasionally clash with other clans to expand our popularity through the halls of the Tower and test our strength, skills tactics, and teamwork against apposing clans. We WILL be heard through out the world of Destiny, be proud to hold the title of a DK! Fill your enemies with bullets or crush their skulls in with your fists, capture the basses and dominate the playing field. If you want to join just request an invite and we will sort you out soldier.

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