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This is a Test

The public Beta for our new website is ready.
Under cloak of darkness, our hearty online team – larger than it’s ever been before – has been smithing the newest version of Plumes of black smoke have billowed from their servers, sparks have flown from their keyboards, and mouse clicks have rained down like adamantine hammers. 

The blade they have forged is strong, but it’s not yet ready. Legendary blades must be sharpened, tested in battle, and wielded by heroes before they can earn their namesake.  That’s where you come in. As Bungie’s engines of war rev back to life, we’re rearming the Seventh Column for the coming storm. 

Welcome to what we have come to know internally as Bungie.NEXT.  Things have changed.  Before you begin your journey, here are some of the more noteworthy enhancements  that you should be aware of.
Registration & Sign-In
You can log on to with four online services now.  In addition to the Microsoft account that we’ve been supporting for years, Facebook, Google, and the Playstation Network have now been added.  If you want to stop using your Microsoft account to access this site, visit your settings page and choose a different path.  Once you have one login linked to your account, you can remove the ones you don’t want to keep.

Forums & Tags
Tags now give you the ability to segment our forum based on whatever you want to talk about.  The structure of the forum is under your control.  You’re already following a handful of Official Tags, but you should add and follow your own.  If it helps, think of tags as user generated forums. For example, if you add #dragons to your post anyone can search the dragons tag to find all dragons related content, including yours.

Private Groups
Group leaders now have the option to host public conversations that will include everyone who accesses the forum, opening up some new tactics for you to spread your message and recruit new members.  Check out the dropdown menu to the upper right.  You can follow as many groups as you like, but you can only join ten of them.  As a legacy member, we’ll let you retain membership in all of the groups you currently belong to, until you decide to start joining new ones.  Following will let you keep track of the public conversations hosted by the groups you like. If you want to create content on behalf of a group, or see what’s happening in the private section, you’ll need to join up.

Your reaction to what we've built is crucial, and that discussion is the best test that we can imagine.  As you settle in, you can access #feedback to tell us what you think.  When you encounter something that's broken (and, chance are, you will), you can tell us all about it via #bnetbugs.

We’ll use your feedback to make the site better. Keep it constructive, and help us identify the things you love and the things you would like to see change. 

We’ll be watching. Waiting. Ready to pounce.

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to stick around.

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