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    I Only started this because my hope is, is that when this game comes and were all just getting started.. That i could have a small or large group of friends or people that i could play the game with and have fun but also be serious when necessary. People who are mature in the sense that they will respect others and they dont do...well immature things. You know joking around and messing with eachother is fine as long as it isnt taken to far and meant a joking and friendly matter. And in no way am i making this to be a leader of sorts.. I just want a group of reliable friends to enjoy this experience if you think that description fits you then go ahead and follow or join the group. You can also add me on xbox live at (TheSonOfCrows) and i mean even if you are on the ps3 and want to join you can no worries. Have a good day and hope to see you soon.

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