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The Exploration Crew

"Selflessness first, Helpfulness second, and Thoroughness in all we explore."

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    Ahoy Guardians! Welcome to The Exploration Crew! What we do here is help people discover hidden areas, secret chests, great enemy locations, and even all those hidden dead ghosts lying around. As The Exploration Crew, those are our main duties aside from supporting our last city by completing missions for them. All while either working together, or even lone wolfing it as some of you might do. Now, if exploring the last of our world, completing missions for our citizens, working as a fire team to get things done, and having tons of fun is your thing, then come on in and join us! Oh, and before I forget, we do have a motto around here... Selflessness first, Helpfulness second, and Thoroughness in all we explore. Now go out there and explore! Sincerely, -Remi, Founder of The Exploration Crew. P.S. Let's make this Destiny's most popular exploration hub!

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