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12/28/2004 6:02:20 AM

B-NET: New Beginnings

Okay, okay. I know I said it'd be up by Christmas Eve, but I totally forgot. It's finally been written, hope ya like it, blah, blah, blah. .................................................................. Well, so much for getting business from Achronos; a month after the Shishka affair and not a murmur. I had several other jobs since then, but they were all minor. It didn't seem that there were any challenges out there for me after the mods cleaned out Shishka's minions. I was lounging in my office waiting for the next case when a voice came outta nowhere, spinning through the room. It kept repeating one thing "ESCAPE WILL MAKE ME GOD!" As the sound rushed towards me I put up my hands. A blast of air whipped past me and shot though the open window. As I looked out in amazement I heard an echoing laugh trail away over the rooftops... Something, obviously, wasn't right. Just then, the phone rang. After a few seconds I went over to pick it up; if it was a customer I wouldn't want to miss it, no matter what was going on. I held the receiver up to my face and immediatly heard a familiar voice say "You should hear this". It was Achronos. I sat down in my chair and leaned back while listening; it seemed that there was a new member claiming to be able to unite the forums. An end to all flaming, spamming, etc. The end of my job. And people were starting to be convinced. It was a rainy day in the streets of New Mombasa. But I didn't mind. I'd been sent to find out whether or not this guy was for real. I found the crowd easily enough. They were gathered around one of the stickies and listening to someone make a speech. He had good points. But I didn't like his presentation. Sloppy, like Howard Dean's "scream" speech. But apparently I was the only one. Everyone else immediately stopped fighting as soon as they heard him rant. It sounded like the real deal. It looked as if New Mombasa might actually revert back to it's glory days. But then I realized something; they were going to eventually ask this guy to be a mod if his plan succeeded. I didn't like the idea of someone like him having the power to obliterate anyone that didn't agree with him. I waited for the crowd to thin out and approached him. "What's yer name?" "Ah my child, you may call me the Prophet of Unity." "Uh huh. So what are you hoping to gain from all this?" "My only desire is to see the unification of the forums." "Sure. Besides the fact that it would give you a high recommendation from half the forum for modship?" "What are you implying, young one?" "That you would use your powers to get rid of anyone you didn't like." "You are a brash one. A fool who easily jumps to conclusions. When all this is said and done, and the forums are united, I will personally see to it that you shall I say? Reformed." "Well see who's gonna be reformed soon enough." I left, feeling angry and dumb. As I walked down Flood street, I heard someone yell out "MCs Brother!" I turned and saw KayJay running towards me. [i] Oh no. Damnit kid, leave me alone [/i] I thought to myself. "Wait! Wait! I only want your autograph!" I broke into a sprint. But the kid was fast. In seconds he was running alongside me. "Why don't you leave me alone?" "But you're like a king to me!" "Why? I'm not that great a member." "You should be a mod!" Just as he said that I saw the door to my office within site. I ran as fast as I could, made it inside and locked the door. My partner DanceswithHogs, who had been reading the paper, looked up. "mcs sister again?" "No. KayJay. Any messages?" "None, but you got a package." I walked into my office and found a small brown box on my desk. The tag had this written on it: [i] When the Great Journey begins, the weight of your herecy will stay your feet and you will be left behind. [/i] It wasn't even two seconds after I read the tag when the box exploded in my face......... TO BE CONTINUED [Edited on 12/27/2004 11:48:57 PM]
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