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6/4/2004 3:53:01 PM

Those of a Grunty 7hirst - Literate, Competent, & Mullet-bearing WANTED

I've created a chapter on the Seventh Column Called "Those of a Grunty Thirst." I'm trying to gather members who are devoted to the Halo Storyline, and here is the Criteria for joining: [*]You must have read at LEAST 1 of the Halo books. The Fall of Reach is almost mandatory; The Flood is acceptable, and First Strike is preferred reading. [*]You must be fluent in common grade-school GRAMMAR. Any typical text-messaging bull-blam!- is unacceptable; i.e. "u r a dum-dum fukkn hed people u now tht." Seriously, people, if you don't know the proper use of CAPITALS and PUNCTUATION, then you're NOT WELCOME. [*] If you don't know the proper uses of the words "There," "Their," and "They're," then you're not welcome. [*] If you don't know the proper forms of "Your," "You're" and "Yur," you're (haha) not welcome. [*] If you don't know the proper forms of "Buy," "By" and "Bye," you're not welcome. [*]Your ideas, theories, proposals, concepts, and random BRAIN DROPPINGS are always welcome, so long as they're relatively on-topic. Any bull pertaining to Halo's release date or what the Flood is/are or if you think Cortana's good in bed is IRRELEVANT and grounds for complete omission from recognition. [*]If you don't understand these, then you're not welcome. I want to create a FanChapter comprised of people who know what they're talking about when they raise a question, theory, or an argument, even. I want members who will contribute, who LIKE showing off their mad literacy skills and open minds. I also want to compile a list of great theories pertaining to the Halo storyline and newer theories for Halo 2, dug up from past threads in the forums. I've already gone through all of the Underground, and compiled the old Stickies, but feel i must again, for i may have missed quite a few. I'd check for # of replies, and a lot of good theories didn't get much recognition, so we'll be checking into that soon. I want to create a database of these threads, as well as abstract, original Gametypes, Original Tactics, and basic info that we've gathered over our years of playing that may be new to most. If you feel you'd like to be a part of my Chapter, Post here or PM me with your First name, Forum tag / .NET Screename, and a paragraph on what you'd like to do and contribute to my Chapter. Then include yourself into the Member Queue. Check it out. [url= ]Those of a Grunty 7hirst.[/url] P.S. - If you have an honest-to-god Mullet, then you're automatically accepted. Photographic proof will be needed. [Edited on 6/9/2004 12:42:03 PM]

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