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6/15/2008 12:02:25 AM

I got a legit Killtacular!!!

You read correctly. I naked n00b have become the first player to get a legit Killtacular in a Halo 3 game. I know how impressed the Bnet community is with my double and even triple kills so I had to come here immediately and share with everyone. Don't think this is a joke, I really did get it. I'll describe it in such detail, you'll think you were playing split screen with me. It all started today when I went to play Halo 3 and realized there was a new Double Exp weekend. I was hoping it would be infection. I have a sweet place to hide in the Pit. No one knows about it, but I'll give you a hint. It rhymes with shmunder the shmairs. I was disappointed when I saw something called gruffball? WTF is gruffball? I'm sure many of you are as unfamilar as I was, but you'll have to check it out. I started it up and let out a squeal of excitement when I learned we had hammers. HAMMERS!!! My favorite weapon. I love owning noobs with the hammer when they try to BR me. I was thinking about going pro in Hammerzeit, but then I realized I was better with the shotgun. But I was running around just smacking people and having a blast, but I wasn't getting any kills. The scorer must have been broken because I must have killed six or seven people and I didn't get any kills. Then I saw some guy on the oragne team run right past me and blow up, then the other team got a point. How lame. They must have stuck him. It took me a few games to warm up. I never understood where the orange team came from. They never got any kills, but the other team kept sticking them. Then it happened. I was running around smacking people when I beat down a guy. Another one popped up and I astonished myself with a double kill. Then next guy just spawned right in front of me. Triple kill. By this point I was yelling for my little brother to run into the room and watch. Another person spawned right in front of me and I smacked him with my hammer. And got an overkill. I let out a high pitched scream of joy. My mom came in because she thought I was having a seizure, but she was surprised at what came next. One more spawned right next to me again. Another swing from my mighty hammer and the scream of Killtacular. Yes, a legit Killtacular. And a killing spree. On the same kill. I know I am the only person that got them together on the same kill. I wet myself a little and my mom said I had to clean up the couch, but I didn't listen. I ran straight for the computer and told you my story. I should probably go change my pants and get back to my game. For some reason my team hasn't been winning, but I think my LEGIT KILLTACULAR probably carried us. I'll go get back to the game. I'll be ready for your amazed comments when I get back. *Disclaimer* If you lack a sense of humor or are just as stupid as a certain web master, please leave this thread now. I have no time for morons that lack the common sense to differntiate jokes from truth. As many of you know the forums are filled with complaints and idiots. My goal is to lighten up the forums even if it is just for one thread. My topics are designed to encourage humorous discussions about Halo to allieviate seriousness of the forums. Since you've been warned about sarcasm I am clearly not trying to bait the flamers. This falls well within every rule I've read on [Edited on 08.15.2008 7:14 PM PDT]
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