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6/3/2004 8:06:04 PM


[b][color=red]PLEASE READ THE RULES BEFORE YOU SUBMIT ANYTHING![/color][/b] [b]The CONTEST:[/b] The arrival of the new hotness last month brought a ton of new features and content to the site. The absence of avatars on the old is one such feature many users clamored madly for -- including myself. We just didn't have a way to represent ourselves visually with the old After a good bit of whining on the Septagon and one huge bribe to the webmaster -- our wish was finally granted. Somewhat, anyway. The problem lies with the fact that are only around 30 avatars for a community of over 40,000 registered users. Yea, there isn't much I want to say about that ratio -- other than it sucks -blam!- like my friends un-employed mom after she's had a hard day full of collecting discarded beer and soda cans from the mean streets of Seattle. As you may or may not know, Bungie is now accepting user created avatars for the site. Meaning you can make an avatar and submit it to them. Bungie will accept the avatar if and only if the avatar meets the Bungie level of excellence. (only moderators and bungie employees are allowed to use custom avatars. Any avatars you submit will be useable by everyone on the site) Which got me to thinkin'. A good and I mean really good avatar isn't the easiest thing to make. Bungie should reward users for hard work and a "good job done" with awesome Bungie swag and rarities! Thus begins the first ever Bungie Avatar contest! [b]What YOU can win:[/b] Most contests have a first, second and third place prizes. That's lame. We're going to have seven: 1. Mehve artwork "Pardon our Hegemony", t-shirt and the ability to use an approved custom avatar on 2: Mehve drawing "Bless this Mess", signed + t-shirt 3: Mehve drawing "Gone Fishing", signed + t-shirt 4. Limited edition E3 Halo2 mylar print signed by artist Eddie Smith + t-shirt 5: Game Informer Magazine cover artwork signed by artist Eddie Smith + t-shirt 6: Halo 2 2003 Calendar - signed by members of Bungie + t-shirt 7: Exclusive E3 2004 Halo 2 mini Master Chief figure + t-shirt (Mehve drawings are original sketches used to create custom error pages) In addition to the seven prize places above, we are also going to hold two very special contest categories. One to encourage creativity and originality, and the other we made just to get EVERYONE to participate. Whomever creates the avatar which best shows the use of hand drawn art (digital or traditional) will receive a custom drawing of anything they desire from's very own artist, Lorraine Mclee's. (Don't ask her draw anything weird though, ok? -- She reserves the right to overrule whatever the winner asks for and draw her own picture) ~and~ The user who submits the worst absolute avatar we receive will win a very special and extremely rare hand drawn picture of 'Mister Chief' by the bungie's content boy himself, Frank O'Conner! It will be framed! [b]The Rules:[/b] [*] Contest is only open to members. Not a member? It's free and makes you cool, click [url=]here[/url] to create an account now! [*] You may only submit ONE avatar. Do not break this rule. I'm serious. If you do, I will cry. Multiple entries are grounds for disqualification. [*] All art used in the avatar contest must either be original and/or that of Bungie/Microsoft. No representations of copyrighted material outside of Bungie/Microsoft may be used. [*] If the same image is submitted by more than one person and it is chosen as a winner, the first person to submit it will get credit. [*] Don't just take images from and shrink them down and submit them! Anybody can do that! Even Frankie! Use some creativity. [*] Please do not submit avatars specific to any particular user as these avatars will need to be usable by everyone. Don't put your name or friends name on the avatar. [*] Unlike some of's previous contests, this contest is open to any registered user from anywhere in the world. [b]Avatar Guidelines:[/b] [*] Avatars must be 90 pixels high by 90 pixels wide. No exceptions. [*] Avatars need to be exported in gif format and the file size must be under 10k~ (if you have any problems with file size and/or format, send me a message and I'll help you out. Animated .gifs are also ok. Just try to keep your animated avatar file size under 20k. =) Again, if you have any problems with file size contact us and we'll work something out. [*] Avatars may take advantage transparency. Actually we encourage it. [*] If you you guys have any questions about the Contest Rules and/or Avatar Guidelines/Creation please don't be shy and post your questions/concerns here in the [url=]Septagon[/url]. [color=red][b]Your avatar must use the following naming convention[/b]:[/color] bnetusername_avatar.gif (ex: stosh_avatar.gif) Avatars that do not follow the naming convention will be discarded. [b]Deadline:[/b] The final deadline for submissions is [b]June 30, 2004[/b]. The avatars will be judged by secret panel of secret people. While judging we'll be looking at factors such as but not limited to: creativity, originality, and quality. Winners will be notified via a message to their Bnet account. A list of winners will also be posted on the site. [b]Submit me:[/b] And lasty, after you've created your avatar please send via email to: [email][/email] Well, that's it dudes! Get cracking and have fun! [Edited on 7/1/2004 2:40:29 AM by goweb]

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