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6/2/2004 6:39:22 PM

real life spartans

real life spartans without their suits would be able to lift 1500 tons in our year 2552 becuase we are so technologicalley advanced and then their skin would be so organicalley strong that no bullet size would ever be able to penitrate their skin and the the bone aumentation would make them be able to never fall to death with that of a organ augmentation would protect them from impact and they could fall 5 or maybe 20 miles high onto concrete then just get up and walk away with no damage like i said before about their skin strength it would be able to have an impact resistance fall of 500 tons at a rate of 10000 kms per secoundthen their adrenaline rush man oh man that would make them double their augmented body strength and their 500 or more mile per hour or secound rate now they couldn't put this in halo or halo 2 becuase then nothing could stop them oh yeah i almost forgot about their armor suits that are what was it 400 lbs or 500 lbs resistance force per inch of the suits body that would make them even stronger and faster after coming out of their suits then you got the suit making their strength,agility,and speed 5 times more agile,faster, and stronger.

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